Why all nature lovers should rush to Slovenia now!


'Less is more', a saying that goes well for the Slovenians. The tiniest places behold the greatest beauty. Though the country misses on the grandeur architecture similar to most parts of the European continent, the spectacular greenery and countryside drives make up for it. Slovenia, with a population of 20 lac (9 times lesser than Mumbai) is an enchanter for nature freaks. The Southern central nation state of Europe is God's own canvas drawn from the richest colour palette. The country spread across 7900 sq. mi. (smaller than Kerala) is an ideal site for adrenaline junkies and bucket-listers as the topography renders everything from rocky mountains, raging rivers, calm lakes to open green fields and the Adriatic Sea. Sharing borders with Italy to the west and Austria to the north; Hungary to the northeast and Croatia to the south and southwest, the region is easily accessible and well connected. The country is not a priority for travellers flying into Europe but would make up for the best road trips in the region!


"The city itself is a living museum of the work of the renowned architect Jose Plecnik"

Take a day to wander into the bijou streets in Ljubljana spread on both side of the Ljubljanica river. The river side is a lively spot in the evenings with bars and restaurants rocked up on both sides of the water body. The river itself is a hallelujah scene with floating restaurants, stand-up paddling, rowing, cruising and other activities ( More info). As the city is not widespread, it is advisable to find an accommodation near the central region as it is the core of the city where eating, shopping and entertainment options are readily available.

Ljubljana needs to be on your bucket list simply for the colourful buildings that lit up the street as if it were a selective palette to the eyes, the sight of vivid flower filled lanes and an occasional musician playing his own sweet melody, as if a whimsical tale was brought to life.

In Ljubljana, make a visit to the Ljubljana Castle for its panoramic view of the city. On the way to the castle visit the 'Pink Church' and savour a meal at the Open Kitchen Market at evening. For adrenaline seekers, one can make a trip to the Socá river valley where varied adventure sports options are available.

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There is always something impromptu happening in the magical streets of Ljubljana.

Lake Bled

An hour's drive further from Ljubljana, Lake Bled is one of the top visited sites in Slovenia for the changing colour it renders every hour. The lake is a hot spot for water sport activities or just to rent a boat and paddle away into the water on a sunny day. Visit the Lake Bled Castle for a scenic view of the majestic hills combined with the cyanic lake. When in Bled, do not forget to try the cream cake, which is a speciality. Bled is better during weekdays if one wants to avoid the weekend rush. It is one of the most tranquil spots in Slovenia. The calm of the turquoise water, reflecting bright sky, sound of the church bell at a distance and swans sliding away is almost reflecting the peace found within. Hike on the Ojstrica hill for splendid view of the lake.

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Breathtaking view of Lake Bled reflecting the sky above.

One can also visit the nearby Vintgar Gorge and Vintgar Waterfall at the end of a 3 km hike, also the highest waterfall in Slovenia. The metier of the place lies in its emerald coloured water running parallel between two mountains with mild waterfalls on the way making the spot a 'must visit' in the list. When is Bled, one should also make a visit to Lake Bohinj (28 kms away from Lake Bled) for its scenic sundowners.

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Take a dip in the emerald waters of Vintgar Gorge.

Postojna Cave

One cannot come to Slovenia and not pay visit to a host of world's most beautiful natural formations. Slovenia is a hub of roughly 12,000 limestone and Krast caves, some of which are the largest in the world. The Postojna Caves is one of the popular ones in the region and the longest show cave in Europe. The limestone grotto is stretched upto 24 kms (as discovered till present) and that is only 13 per cent of the mammoth natural structure. The area offers easy transportation facility for inside tours. The Postojna caves will leave you awestruck with its natural formations dating back to roughly 90 million years! The Predjama Castle marks the entrance to the Postojna caves making it one of kind.

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Checkout of one the world’s oldest and phenomenal limestone formations at Postjona Cave.


Day 1: Ljubljana

Take a full day to wander into the streets of Ljubljana, rent a bike or just set out on foot! Visit the castle, church, market and enjoy the restaurants/bars.

Day 2: Lake Bled

Drive down to the gorgeous town of Bled. Spend time at Lake Bled at one of the lakeside restaurants.

Day 3: Lake Bohinj

Visit Lake Bohinj and hike at Vintgar Gorge for seeking nature at its best. One can also take a day visit to the 'Venice of Slovenia', Piran.

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