Lucknow-The city of Tehzeeb

Photo of Lucknow-The city of Tehzeeb 1/6 by Sakshi Chhatwal

So I live in Delhi from the past 25 years but i was born in Lucknow as my grandmother stays there.Though i love Delhi but Lucknow surely have a special place in my heart not because i was born there but because of the people,the places,the food and the culture it has.I have seen many blogs on the food of Lucknow and the rich culture it has but i have observed many more things about Lucknow which i wanted to tell everyone.Let's start with the people,they are very humble,speaks very nicely,are honest and respects the other person which is not seen in other big cities.I must say they have a lot of Tehzeeb.Next comes the places to visit in Lucknow,the zoo which have an aquarium as well.It is very big and nice,Bada Imambada,Chota Imambada and Bhool Bhulaiya etc

My favorite place is Hazratganj as they have the best shops for buying Chikankari.I can roam around there the whole day buying beautiful kurtas and chappals and the look and feel of that place is very lively.Lover's lane is also there where you can go shopping.Now comes the food,Royal Cafe in Hazratganj.They have this famous Aloo tokri Chat which is delicious.So Lucknow is very famous for the chat.People only talk about Kebabs and Biryani.But am going to tell you things which are amazing but are less famous.Lucknow has very good matra chaat and khasta chat(which is only made in Lucknow),aloo chats and tikkis and not to forget the paani ke batashe which has their own flavors.And the khasta kachori they serve is also different from what we get in Delhi.And they have Jalebi served with Dahi in the breakfast time.

In the evening you can go to the famous kebab shops near Hazratganj.Next comes Aminabad,this place also have amazing chaat shops and have this very famous kulfi,Prakash di Kulfi.Chowk also have shops selling very authentic chikankari work,mithai shops are there like Chappan Bhog etc.There's much more to Lucknow than Kebabs and Biryani,so next time when you go to the city please explore more things and feel the simplicity of the city of Nawabs..

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