Rejuvination at Shillim

29th Oct 2016
Day 1

Day 1 started off with a early morning flight from Bangalore to Mumbai where in I was excited like crazy for the trip and dint sleep the entire night the previous day (as I dint want to miss my flight!)
Once I reached Mumbai, I felt a sudden change in Temperature from Bangalore to Mumbai. it was extremely hot and humid, but my body got accustomed to the temperature of Mumbai, and soon I was gelling well with the people of Mumbai, as I have been to Mumbai a few times before and I know Hindi pretty well.

From Mumbai to Shillim (which is close to Pune) I had a road trip.
On the way to Shillim, I ate some yummy vada pavs, dabelis, etc. to keep myself energized.

Once I was close to Shillim, I was totally cut off from the outside world (as my phone did not have Signal). The only networks which provided coverage in Shillim was Airtel and Vodafone (so now you know which network you need to be on, when you visit Shillim!)

I had a nice time relaxing myself and visiting the near by places around my resort.
The Spa looked tempting, but I had already fallen asleep on my bed due to the exhaustion of travelling from morning and not sleeping the previous night.

I directly woke up in the night for dinner. I had their wide spread of dinner along with a few drinks and was off to my room for Day 2 of my trip at Shillim.

Day 2

Day 2 started off with a morning walk in the huge resort (which was 100+ acres huge) followed by their breakfast which was out of the world!

Unfortunately, my trip was just for 1 day and I had to leave for the airport unless I planned to miss my flight! 🙈😂