5 Romantic Things To Do In Maldives


The destination of love, where romance thrives, Maldives is one of the best places to travel to with your partner. Ensure you do these 5 things when you head to the sunny, tropical islands.

1. Couples spa treatment

Treat your loved one to a special couples’ spa treatment at your resort. Spas in Maldives are luxurious and aim to offer you a variety of services designed especially for couples. Sit back and relax as you surrender under the soothing hands of your masseuse.

2. Sunset cruise

Embark on a romantic sunset cruise with your S.O. and you set sail to the depths of the Indian Ocean on a luxury Sunset Cruise. Enjoy a glass of champagne as the sun paints the skyline a million shades of red and orange.

3. Dinner on the beach

Treat your partner to an enjoyable dinner on a private stretch of white sandy beach when you’re in Maldives. Look for hotels that offer a destination dining experience on the beach to enjoy a delectable meal under a blanket of stars coupled with the gentle hum of waves as your soundtrack for the night.

4. Reefscape

A spot of gardening during your holiday might not sound all that exciting, unless of course its gardening beneath the ocean surface! Hotels like Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma Maldives have taken it upon themselves to be environmentally responsible and aim to regrow damaged coral reefs, with the help of guests!

5. Get married!

Nothing seals the deal and is more romantic that getting hitched on your private island. Event planners at hotels will be able to make the plans, while you focus on your vows.