8 Things you need to pack for your Maldives Vacation

Photo of 8 Things you need to pack for your Maldives Vacation by The_Budget_Backpacker

Known as a tropical paradise and enclosed by blue waters, Maldives is one of the best photogenic destinations of the world. No matter if you want a relaxing vacation or an adventurous trip, below are some of the essentials you must pack for your Maldives vacation.

Scarves/Kaftans: With a prominent percentage of the Muslim population, visitors should keep in mind about the conservative clothing sense prevailing in crowded areas. Scarves can prevent you from direct sunlight and help you cover your head in bustling cities. Kaftans can be very handy as it can be used to cover up your swimsuits.

Sunscreens: Don’t forget to pack effective sunscreens in your suitcases before the trip. Open skies and salty water are enough to get you tan all over your body. Get a nice SPF marked sunscreen to negate the effects of sunburns. Carry a large hat as well to prevent your head from the strong intensity sun rays.

Sunglasses: A good pair of glasses are helpful to protect you from dazzling sunlight and also you look better for that Instagram worthy photographs. Make sure they are comfortable since in some days you might have to wear them all day long.

Waterproof cameras: You will be spoilt by choices by the plethora of photographic locations in the Maldives. With oceans on all sides make sure your photographic gears are waterproof for those breathtaking underwater pictures.

Adapters- This goes without saying that adapters should accompany you on the trips. Even though resorts provide you with spare adapters but it is always advisable to carry one. Most of the electrical sockets you get are English over there, so be prepared for that.

Mosquito repellents: Though there are no such threats of mosquito and most resorts fumigate their surroundings, there are small bugs.

Swimwears: Guys can carry shorts and women can pick their floral bikinis to look gorgeous when they stroll in the beaches. You will be doing lots of swimming and even will indulge yourself in water sports, so make sure you carry a handful of them.

Books/Kindle: If you are an avid reader, do carry books for your leisure time because there is nothing much to do after evening. Pick up your Kindle on your private deck and get the most idyllic vacation you can think of.