I went to Mauritius and it's perfect for an all-girls bachelorette! #IslandLife

17th Oct 2019
Photo of I went to Mauritius and it's perfect for an all-girls bachelorette! #IslandLife by The Shy Secrets

Before planning on spending an exorbitant amount on a bachelorette trip to Goa this winter, I suggest get your eyes on something more exotic, something that gives you a sexy tropical vibe, and to top it all – some great activities to boost up your adrenaline before the big day comes. Here I present, the wonderland island of Mauritius. A land where the sky meets the ocean, the trees are as happy as you are, and humans who welcome you inland like a long-lost cousin.

I travelled to Mauritius just a few weeks back, and let me frankly tell you something: every moment was an adventure. From mountainous terrain to deep blue waters, wild animals to golden beaches – the island of Mauritius has something to offer everybody -- in abundance! For the laidback lover of margaritas by the beach, every hotel would take care of that. For the adrenaline junkie that gets their kicks from unordinary activities, there are several such sports to choose from. For the photographer and nature lover who loves to enjoy serenity all alone – get lost amidst the flora and fauna, enjoy the colourful terrains, the golden sugarcane fields and the blue sky spread out against the horizon.

But, if you are getting married and seriously planning a fun bachelorette for your gals, look nowhere else, for Mauritius is here to stun you and give you the sexiest, most fun adventure of your life! Here are ten reasons why Mauritius should be your perfect bachelorette destination.

Golden beaches, deep blue sea, and a bright blue sky: This East African delight has been on the bucket list for several millions of people around the globe for one singular reason: the clear blue sky and pristine beaches. The water is a sparkling turquoise for a few kilometres after which it turns a deep blue sapphire. If you’re cruising along the Indian Ocean, you will fall in love with the fifty shades of blue. An early morning boat ride to see schools of dolphins swimming and flipping by your boat will make your girl squad way too excited for sure! If you put up at Lux* Grand Gaube, relax with a magazine as you enjoy the ocean at your feet or walk along the clear blue lagoon. Sunsets at the ocean are gorgeous and you’ll feel ecstatic when you get to experience that with your best friends, cocktails in hand, wearing floral skirts, staring deep into the horizon and talking about your best moments together. From the moment you Air Mauritius flight prepares to land, you will get a glimpse of the magnificent island and your fun bachelorette will take off from that moment on!

Stunning hotels to wrap you up in luxury: Selecting a perfect hotel for your group stay in Mauritius is important and you get to choose from an array of hotel groups that promise you an excellent and comfortable stay. On the west coast, lies Hotel Sofitel Mauritius L'Impérial Resort & Spa, where the sun sets over Mauritius' white sand beaches and turquoise waters. Stretched along the wonderful beach area of Flic en Flac, this luxury hotel provides a special ambiance with the big, blue, palm-ringed pool, the beach, gently lapped by the Indian Ocean, and the lagoon where you can snorkel, dive and visit dolphins by speedboat.

On the northern coast, lies the breathtaking resort Lux* Grand Gaube. Amidst lush tropical gardens, LUX* Grand Gaube is enveloped by undulating coves, the calmest of lagoons and is blessed with two tranquil beaches and two spectacular swimming pools. With an abundance of pastels and whiteness, Lux* spoils you with space. Your room opens up to the ocean from its balcony, and a light breez engulfs your senses at all times. To tempt you from your lounger, they also invite you to join us at inspirational classes and expert-led workshops. What more could be fun for your girl gang? What’s best about this resort is, the fresh, clean pastels the room chooses you house you in. It is calming, sophisticatedly feminine and an absolute YASS for your girl squad.

Also on the west coast is the most fun hotel for your girl gang -- Club Med La Plantation d’Albion. This vast 21-hectare resort with lush and fragrant vegetation, the coral sands of the wild beach, and the kind and attentive Mauritian service, will give you an experience of a lifetime. With amazing food and non-stop activities, Club Med Albion will be like the frat house you never went to! In the daytime, relax, go outside and explore the island, or involve yourself in the many activities offered by Club Med. In the evening, the party starts! And the best part about your bachelorette in Mauritius is that here at Club Med, you would never have to think twice about your drinks and dancing. Everyone – from guests to kids to the staff, let loose and dances through the night. Drinks and food are unlimited and handsome men abound! Nothing could be a more enjoyable time for you and your girls!

Photo of Club Med La Plantation D'Albion, Albion, Mauritius by The Shy Secrets

Numerous fun water activities for your girl squad: Every hotel conducts water sports and activities for you. Or you could go outside and explore. Book these activities online prior to visiting. And you can find every detail in the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA) website. One such extremely rare opportunity is the deep-sea submarine drive, 35 metres under the sea. It is exciting, adrenaline-charging and an experience of a lifetime. You will be awarded with a certificate by Blue Safari Submarine after completion and let your group flaunt that achievement in glee. You can go dolphin watching, a more calming, soothing experience.

Photo of Blue Safari Submarines Trou-aux-Biches Mauritius, Trou-aux-Biches, Mauritius by The Shy Secrets

If you want extreme sports, there is the Seakart, which lets you drive an inflated speedboat across the ocean. And trust me, this is something you will never forget! Apart from this you also have the opportunity to ride a submarine scooter under the water, which is also conducted by Blue Safari Submarine. It is scary, but completely safe and the most fulfilling experience one could ever hope for. These main, big activities are conducted by private companies that are safe, reliable and extremely competent. Go to their websites and check them out before trying. My verdict: You won’t be disappointed. Other water activities such as snorkelling, kayaking, water yoga, etc. are carried on by the hotels and are also tremendously fun.

Photo of Fun Adventure Mauritius Ltd SEAKART, Grande Riviere Noire, Mauritius by The Shy Secrets

Charge up your adrenaline with some extreme activities that are complete safe: If you visit Mauritius, chances are, you’ll definitely end up exploring the beautiful seven coloured earth at Chamarel. La Vallee Des Couleurs Nature Park is a beautiful reserve known for its landscape with 23 colors. This scenic park offers trails on quad bikes, surprising wildlife, and the most fun activity of all -- zip-lining. The discovery of 23 coloured earths in the late 90’s, displayed in bands and domes within the domain, constitutes a unique geological feature in this part of the world. This feature, the very signature of the Vallée Des Couleurs Nature Park is a major landmark in the continuous development of tourism industry of Mauritius. The range of natural landscapes, with its plateaus, plains, mountains, valleys, waterfalls, pools and ponds, unfolding inside this green amphitheatre. Go quad biking up the hill to watch the seven-coloured earth and amazing waterfalls. Or you can go hiking as well. Zip-lining, conducted here, is also extremely fun. If you want to do something daring as a group – this is something you must try!

Sega -- The happiest island dance music: The island music of Sega makes it impossible not to sway along with its tunes! One of the major music genres of Mauritius, Sega has its origins in Madagascar and is a funky, beat-y music perfect for dancing at the beach with your group. It has origins in the music of slaves as well as their descendants Mauritian Creole people on the island, and is usually sung in creole, a simplified version of French. With fun vocals, triangles, goatskin drums and rattles as the main instrument, traditional Sega dancing involves island folk dancers flaunting their big skirts and belly moves. With Mauritius’ influence with Indian, African and French culture, modern Sega also features a fusion of Bhojpuri, Bollywood, and Creole intermingling.

Relentless boozing for you will in the land of rum: Mauritius is famous for its acres and acres of sugarcane cultivation. Once run as large estates by slave owners, these farms grow high quality sugarcane and as its byproduct, an abundance of the finest quality of rum. Rhumerie des Mascareignes and Rhumerie des Chamarel are two of the most frequently visited rum distilleries that produce export quality rum. Every hotel and every place of visit will be accompanied by some good quality rum that will keep your girl squad in immense joy. As you visit these distilleries, you will be given guided tours along with some rum tasting that’ll get you high for the rest of the day. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Interacting with wild animals: One of the most popular and exciting attractions in Mauritius is the Casela Nature Park is a huge conservation park that offers a heart-throbbing aray of adventures to choose from, including an African safari, interacting with big cats, and a magnificent Alpine Coaster. Give your group a chance to pet huge lions and lionesses (they are not sedated), or feed happy giraffes and playful ostriches! What could be more fun!

The food is to die for: Mauritan food is a beautiful blend of Chinese, European and Indian influences, and the history of the Mauritian cuisine is as rich as the history of its all-inclusive culture. Dishes from French cuisine have grown very popular in Mauritius, and most places serve you a three-course meal with proper gourmet food with heavy portions that will keep one satiated throughout the day. As a melting pot of different culinary cutures, the little island of Mauritius takes its food very seriously. Good hotels see to it that the food they serve satisfies every guest. Lux* Grand Gaube’s global culinary endeavour leads to live cooking stations at the Palm Court, Peruvian and Argentinian cuisine at INTI, authentic Creole flavours at Banyan and a Turkish twist at Bodrum Blue.

Amazing human beings to interact with: Mauritian people are generally happy people. They are genial, kind and extremely welcoming. Due to their rich heritage of immigrants and unhappy history, the population of Mauritius offers a mixed culture with several Indian, African, French and British influences. The majority of the Mauritian population is Hindus, and hence, they welcome their guests as gods. Their kindness and openness to learning other cultures and languages is something so surprisingly innocent. As you immerse and involve yourself in this diverse island culture of Mauritius, you will find out that there is no reason in the world that could make them leave this place. A magical African paradise, Mauritius gives you more than what you have ever imagined.

A calming environment amidst all the fun: Even amidst all the activities, all the sightseeing, partying, and boozing, Mauritius is a calm and serene place. Every nook and corner of this island is picture-perfect! With coastlines lined with palm trees and white-sand beaches, the island of Mauritius will show you the everlasting love story of the deep blue Indian ocean and the endless blue sky. The MTPA is a group of super helpful people, and if there's anything one needs to know, you could just call them up and hit up an email. Plus, their website is extremely convenient to create an itinerary and also to know everything there is to know. Well, that's what I did!

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