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La Vallee Des Couleurs Nature Park

After the spiritual encounter at the shiva-temple, we moved ahead to explore La vallee des couleurs nature park. We had our lunch at a small french restaurant located at the mountain-top of the park. the view and the food was breath-taking.
Mohil Poojara
Not very far from the Ganga Talao, is the La Vallee Des Couleurs Nature Park. The nature park is famous for 23 colors of the earth which is a results of the ashes from a volcanic eruption millions of years ago. Apart from the 23 colors of the earth, the parks also has a wide range of adventure activities - Quad biking, Nepalese Bridge, Zip lining.We went ahead with a Quad biking tour which covers a tour of the entire park. We also did the 1.5 Km long zipline(third largest in the world!). The total cost of the activities at this park range from ~MUR 5,500 to MUR 10,000(INR 11,000 to 20,000) per couple depending on the activities chosen. Our package for 1.5km zip line and the Quad bike tour cost us ~MUR 6,900 (INR 14,000).