Flic en Flac

After the trek, we went to Flic-en-Flac again as we had to return the bike. We had lunch near the beach and came back to the hotel to rest for some time and then left for the airport. It was a short vacation but was completely worth it.
Sonal Agarwal
Flic en Flac is a resort town located on the west coast of Mauritius. The sites around are generally protected from wind change which makes your dives more fun and has most exceptional rock formations.Tug: The site is known for wreck diving, as at the depth of 20 meters one can find a tugboat sank. Its history goes back to 1982 and the shipwreck provides a home to sea creatures.Cathedrale: This is the most famous diving site on the island and has a depth of 17 to 30 metres. The site is known for its coral reefs, caves and a variety of marine species.Rempart Serpent: Located a 15-minute boat trip from Flic en Flac, Rempart Serpent gets its name from the sinuous rock lying about 25m below the surface.
Flic en Flac is a charmer of the Mauritian west coast. Apart from its amusing and playful name, Flic en Flac has one of the most attracted beaches in Mauritius and with it a host of water sports and adventure. The Black River District of Mauritius is one of the most coveted natural paradises on the island.Whether you want to lay back and get a tan or ride the waves, Flic en Flac caters to all. It is also a great place to start exploring the Black River region of Mauritius, undoubtedly the most gorgeous part of the island and an incredible place to visit in Mauritius.Amazing Things to do in and around Flic en Flac