SOLO Trekking: David Scott Trail

24th Sep 2015
Photo of SOLO Trekking: David Scott Trail 1/6 by Brinder Singh Gera
Photo of SOLO Trekking: David Scott Trail 2/6 by Brinder Singh Gera
Photo of SOLO Trekking: David Scott Trail 3/6 by Brinder Singh Gera
Photo of SOLO Trekking: David Scott Trail 4/6 by Brinder Singh Gera
Photo of SOLO Trekking: David Scott Trail 5/6 by Brinder Singh Gera
Photo of SOLO Trekking: David Scott Trail 6/6 by Brinder Singh Gera

I was scared. I think I asked the villager thrice if I should be expecting any wild animal. He said you will be lucky to spot any. “I don’t want to be lucky” I wanted to shout.

It was my first trek and that too solo. I was nervous. Excited.

I started early at 8:45 pm. First half an hour was smooth.Then I had to descend the wet rocks. I slipped. A lot. Sometimes I would crawl to cross the rocks.

After another half an hour I reached the place with three different routes. I got confused. I am not very bright!

I was sweating. I bagged my jacket.

I went right only to come back after few steps. I had the strange intuition that straight difficult path is the right path. I went in the bushy path and saw a butt of cigarette. I knew I was on the right path.

After another tricky hour I saw the next checkpoint-The Bridge. Now I was in full mood. I was yelling at the mountains and passing through the fountains. And clicked pictures on the bridge.

Then I had to cross the river. It took me some time to figure out the safe path to cross it.

My next checkpoint was a village 3 km away. I was told that trek is easy after this village.I took the hazy less grass route. Then I reached a place with two different routes. One very steep and other leveled.

Again I took the difficult route. And this time the wrong route. I almost reached the top of the mountain. But no sign of village.

Then I came across a villager who was descending. He saw me and made the movement to pull out the weapon. I quickly closed my hands and greeted him. I didn’t want to die in forest!

He was placated by my gesture.

Ironically, language was the fantastic barrier. We didn’t understand each other. I showed him the map. He told me to take the other path.We both descended. And I had few nasty slips.

I took the less steep path. And after lot of patience I reached the village. I was happy with my achievement.I asked the villagers the route to Lad Mawphlong. It was a straight path. I quickly reached my next check points-another bridge and a huge rock.

Then it rained a bit. I didn’t care to wear the rain coat.

I met the villagers in last half an hour of the trek. I asked them to click pictures. And they shied away when I clicked theirs.

I completed the trek with them and boarded a cab to nearby village.

Shillong was still 15km from the village. I started walking towards Shillong in rain. I hitchhiked and reached Shillong free of cost

Important Trek Details

David Scott Trail is a 17km long trek from Mawphlong to Lad Mawphlong and can be completed in 4-5 hours. There are shortcuts. Avoid them.

Mawphlong is 25kms from Shillong. You can take a shared cab to Mawphlong for INR 20 from Baare Bazaar, Shillong.

Call Born (08014774663) in Mawphlong for a guide or any other assistance. A map is available at the start of the trek.

Lastly, bag eatables and avoid monsoons.