:Cross Legged X:

12th Oct 2014
Photo of :Cross Legged X: 1/1 by Sonam Srivastava
:Cross Legged X:

It’s been past few years I am roaming around with a whizzing thought swirling in my mind now and then. I often wonder in this cynical world, which is the apt place, where are the apt people and what is the apt time when

We can actually relish our life. Framing 24 years as a subset of a softened life and then an abrupt break to this skeptical thought!  Yes, getting an answer to this vicious question is definitely making me visualize myself on the cloud ninth: ‘Happy me, Happy sky’ feel!

In quest of such a count of ‘People, Place and moments of Time’, I planned a travel to the ever running city Mumbai. Two days post exploring charismatic Mumbai, serendipitously I met somebody sitting cross legged at sea shore, Marine Drive.  Beyond all the plausible doubts sprouting up in my mind, I was cherishing his way of being a ‘King’ enjoying at the Queen’s necklace!  Laid down eyes and thoughts eyeing an entry to the tumultuous tidal waves, was suffice to analyze his outlook. To add on to this, a call to roadside chai wala, raised a question in my mind regarding his standards of hygiene. And can one survive in this ‘Maximum City’ without a ‘Maximum available Food Item’ Vada Pau..never ever! So, a pair of scrumptious vada pau with the unbeatable aroma of ‘Taj Mahal’ bagged tea, was all what he kept aside him. The sonic jingling sound by dint off handing over the coins to the vendor, brought in the missing touch of indispensable part of that moment, Music. Then this sound music was joined in by a song, he murmured being in his own world of jubilance. Moving on the countdown of different tracks ranging from ‘old is gold’ era to contemporary ‘trap in rap’ music, willy-nilly he was actually unwrapping all shades of his mental peace and tranquility. Maddening darkness illuminating the beauty of endless Arabian sea, with enigmatic hoping tides and boisterous winds was truly beckoning, to tag him as the owner of that ‘Moment’! Bravo!

‘Common on..get up..!’

Suddenly I was patted by one of my friends to catch up the last train for Andheri East. Holding my hefty camera bag and the so called additional body part my ‘earphones’, I turned around to sign off that man.  To all my senses,

a sheer surprise, I met myself. Yes, I met myself. I met myself with a satiated smile signing off all my questions, making that unknown place very ‘known and own’ to me.

Days later to all this, an assertive impression takes a permanent residence in my mind. It’s all about the piece of happiness we need to derive from all the little, dangling, buzzing and cacophonic situations of our life. Be it in the form of enjoying Facebook ‘Happiness Pages’ or the ‘Self Creator’ attitude of creating happiness! A count of ‘People’ is all around us, to pick and share your smile with. A ‘Place’ is always around us right from the terrace of our home to the oceans across new lands. A ‘Time’ moment is right now, for ‘me’ writing this article and ‘you’ feeling this out with a 50 kilometers smile!

And the best of all comes up is, the joy of deriving ‘your own happiness, your way solely with your own soul’ sitting cross legged, putting a cross to all your frets. Gifting this moment, a happy smile. :)