Landour: Where Soul Connects!


Landour- Where Soul Connects!

Landour is located in Mussorie,Uttarakhand,India and Approx 300km from Delhi. Landour is a small hilly area just 3km from Mussorie and is a perfect spot for Weekend getaway for Peace and Stress Buster.

How to Reach Landour:There are two ways to reach Landour;

First is you book yourself a road trip via Car,Temp Traveller or Bus(which is a good option if you travel in groups?

Second is Take a Morning Shatabdi Express from New Delhi Railway Station to Dehradun and book a cab or take local bus till Mussorie and from their walk towards your hotel.

I discovered Landour 4 years back when one of my fellow traveler friend suggested me this place. Never heard of this place before but thought of giving it a tree just because of my love for Mountains. It's a beautiful place with breathtaking view, wilderness,greenery, Heritage Hotels, Brilliant food and cafes and rich background.

What all not to miss in Landour:

1) Cafe Ivy: Located at Char Dukkan this Cafe is a perfect spot for chill winter morning breakfast. Right on the cliff,it offers stunning view of the Valley and delicious food.

2) Anil Momo's: Located at Char Dukkan, this small joint offers scrumptious Momo's and Mountain Maggi. A must try.

3) Cross Cliff: It's a prominent spot right next to Cliff Hotel. You need to trekk down to that place. It's a 500m trekk. Once you reach there, you will know why it was worth it. As dense as a forest goes, that's the view from there.

4) Laal Tiba: About 1.5km from Char Dukkan, it's a perfect spot to catch some eye breathing view of Mountains right in front of you. There are few Cafe joints which offer you a view via Telescope for just 50rs per person which can be redeemed against some food item. Win Win deal I must say.

5) Landour Bake House: This one is my favourite spot. Located near Char Dukkan, this place offers the best bakery items I have had in my life. From Pancakes or Lemon Tart to Muffins ,this place has it all. Beautiful decor,no Wifi( there is a quote there that reads like-" no wifi, pretent like it's 1857 and talk to each other"

Apart from these prominent places , if you are into off road trekking, this place has that in store as well. You can skip the normal and go off beat and enjoy the wilderness with the Trekk. Though I haven't done the Trekk myself but it comes with good feedback from the friends.

It's been 4 years and every year I visit this place just to get away from all the hustle in life and take in the peaceful time, refresh myself and come better.

If Mussorie is the Queen of Hills, Landour definitely is the Royal Guard.

Photo of Landour: Where Soul Connects! by Sachin Bobal
Photo of Landour: Where Soul Connects! by Sachin Bobal
Photo of Landour: Where Soul Connects! by Sachin Bobal
Photo of Landour: Where Soul Connects! by Sachin Bobal
Photo of Landour: Where Soul Connects! by Sachin Bobal