Capture memories, not selfies.

Photo of Capture memories, not selfies. 1/1 by Ankita Karmakar

Travel has become almost a synonym of Selfies and Display pictures(DP).It is not the craving of discovering the unknown that haunts the traveller anymore,instead the excitement of clicking fresh Selfies with scenic background that has turned to be the main motive of travel.With the increase in such social platforms,travellers are gradually getting engulfed in a virtual world where the transient happiness of some hundred 'likes' of barely known people is giving the ultimate sense of satisfaction to the traveller.But a travellers soul isn't such,a traveller is ever hungry for new quest,to step into new lands,know the unknown,'socialise' with the 'real' people all around him...a travellers soul is never satisfied but is ever hungry for the unknown. Just like you readers out their reading this may feel the above paragraph is another piece of age-old lecture,I might have felt the same if I were reading this a month back.I love travelling,backpacking and DIY travels being my favourites.But with years my interest for travel shifted domains as it only revolved around posing for perfect DPs' with a well-formed background.But on my recent trip to North-East,something unusual happened in the middle of the trip... My phone stopped workingThis incident at first totally marred my excitement for the trip...I started feeling lost and uprooted having being deprived of my greatest belonging.However cheered up by my friends,I,the half-hearted traveller continued with the journey. We set out at dawn for the sunrise viewpoint.While my friends were busy clicking groupies and Selfies,I sat drenched in grief at the window.Standing aloof and quite at the viewpoint,the fresh cool breeze surrounded my soul,I breathed in long.I looked up at the magnificent mountains standing upright with all its beauty that has was kept unnoticed behind my Selfies.I saw something surreal,unearthly,something that only my eyes could sense.I stood there awe-struck ,completely filling my senses with all its beauty,free from 'hashtags','likes',and posts.I felt free. While my friends continued clicking pics,I could see my transition as the traveller in me kept pitching 'see what you have been missing ?'...yes I travelled ,but I forgot to see...I saw through phone's lens only.This time I saw, filling my senses,rejuvenating the lost traveller in me... For once,keep your phone's and all the technology driven stuffs and get lost into uncertainties,you'll discover something that keeps unnoticed through'll discover peace... Happy travelling