The mystery of the Crooked Forest in Poland


Poland is a traveller's delight. It has a rich heritage. The country is filled with museums, monuments, castles and happy faces. The Crooked Forest in West Pomerania is an unconventional but alluring visitor spot in Poland.

Photo of The mystery of the Crooked Forest in Poland 1/1 by Manghala Priyah

This forest has hundreds of weirdly shaped pine trees, which were planted in 1930. The trees look like vertical curved lines. While there are a lot of interesting theories floating around, about the cause of the curved trunks, the real reason remains a mystery. Interestingly, the forest also has a good number of normal pine trees.

The various reasons that people attribute to the shape of the curved pine trees are -unique planting techniques using special garden tools, war tanks rolling over the young trees during the second world war, heavy snowfalls resulting in the flattening of saplings that grew into curved trees, and boat builders using experimental techniques to grow bent trees for commercial reasons.

Some people strongly believe that the alternating gravitational forces in this area, have caused the trees to bend, while others blame it on black magic, UFOs and aliens. Until the real reason is discovered, one is free to believe any of the theories presented above or create a completely new theory.