New Year At Puri!

28th Dec 2014
Photo of New Year At Puri! 1/11 by Pousali Ghosh
Chilka Lake : Boarding of boats
Photo of New Year At Puri! 2/11 by Pousali Ghosh
Jagannath Temple
Photo of New Year At Puri! 3/11 by Pousali Ghosh
Beach Festival at Swargadwar
Photo of New Year At Puri! 4/11 by Pousali Ghosh
Chilka Kali Temple: Kele Ghai Dweep
Photo of New Year At Puri! 5/11 by Pousali Ghosh
The great chakra
Photo of New Year At Puri! 6/11 by Pousali Ghosh
Konark Temple
Photo of New Year At Puri! 7/11 by Pousali Ghosh
Puri beach
Photo of New Year At Puri! 8/11 by Pousali Ghosh
Puri waves
Photo of New Year At Puri! 9/11 by Pousali Ghosh
Rath Yatra
Photo of New Year At Puri! 10/11 by Pousali Ghosh
Hotel Suv Palace
Photo of New Year At Puri! 11/11 by Pousali Ghosh

I feel sudden trips are the best trips that one can go on.

My birthday coincidentally is on new year and I love to visit places on that day. When the whole world celebrates for new year, they make me feel they are celebrating for my birthday. Quite childish right? 

So after a constant nagging in my mother's ear they agreed to take me to Puri. The next week itself we boarded the Jagannath express which leaves from Howrah. It reaches next day very early morning and we got to see the early sunrise and the effect it had on the sea colors. We already had  booking in hotel Suv Palace and it is very near to swargadwar hence was not hard to find.

We freshened up and went outside to eat.

When you are at Puri do not forget that roadside stalls are the best place to taste the local flavors. 

We stayed there for 5 days, had an awesome new year and birthday and did all the above side seeing. Being January, the climate was perfect.

Puri is not only a pilgrimage trip but also a refreshment for weekends!

The name of the place justifies its beauty. In Hindi, Swargadwar means gate to heaven, though significant because of the cremation ground present just behind to beach, the main attraction is the Beach. Stretched alongside the main road, the beach is a huge part of Puri's main culture. Also, praised for hosting beach festival every year in December. It is not only beautiful because of its nature, it is beautiful because of the art shown by local residents on the sand by making beautiful sand sculptures. ranging from face of goddess Durga to face of Subhash Chandra Bose
Photo of Swargadwar, Puri, Odisha, India by Pousali Ghosh
The main attraction of Puri alluring thousands of people from all over India is mainly known for its mystic powers and enchanting surrounding. Filled with people it is a place you would hardly find empty. It is resided by Jagannath, Balaram, and Subhadhra. You can easily reach the temple with the help of local transport like auto and cycle rickshaw with a meagre fair of Rs. 30/- only.
Konark Temple also known as sun temple lives up to its name. It showcases the talents present in our ancestors which helped them to construct this beautiful temple with all the perfect miniature scriptures and the very famous chariot-shaped building which presents us the chariot of Sun God Surya. It has 12 pairs of wheels which resembles the 12 months of the year. You can easily access it through local jeeps and bus and it is 33 km along the coast from Puri. Round trip auto rickshaws are also available for Rs. 250-300/- only.
The vast and dream like Chilika Lagoon is situated on the east-coast of India. It is the largest brackish Water Lagoon that sprawls along the east coast. It is the largest wintering ground for migratory waterfowl found anywhere on the Indian sub-continent. It is one of the hot-spot of biodiversity in the country. It is 70 km from Puri.