Pelling- A Slice of heaven in the Himalayas

Photo of Pelling- A Slice of heaven in the Himalayas by Ujala Kashyap

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I have so much to tell about Pelling- a small tranquil town in the west of Sikkim. Most of the travelers in Sikkim start their journey with Gangtok, but I choose this town, to be away from the hustle bustle of the capital city and to relax peacefully before heading out to explore the gorgeous state in the laps of Himalayas-Sikkim.

Day 1

We flew from Mumbai to Bagdogra Airport and took a private taxi to Pelling from outside the taxi stand at the airport. We bargained and the driver agreed for 4000 bucks in a small car.

We started our journey around noon towards Pelling after having lunch on the way. It took around 7 hours to reach Pelling. It started raining during the journey which made the scenic routes more beautiful.

Photo of Bagdogra Airport, Siliguri, West Bengal, India by Ujala Kashyap

We reached after 14 hours of journey, completely exhausted. We had pre-booked our stay for the three days in The Elgin Mount Pandim, the most luxurious boutique property in Pelling.

The entrance to Elgin Mount Pandim isn’t grand , but once you enter the reception area then you’ll feel the touch of grandeur .Bursting with heritage artifacts, colonial furniture and plush carpets, Elgin Pandim is so very elegant! Take a moment to walk around the lobby as you sip on your glass of cherry liqueur, the welcome drink they offer.

The room appointed to us was small but cozy. It was our first anniversary. We got freshened up and got ready for candle night dinner!

After that we slept and around 5.30 in the morning, I heard people gossiping in the garden. I woke up to check what everyone was doing in the garden so early. When i Opened my room's curtains, I was ensorcelled with the astonishing view of Mt Kanchenjunga. I knew one can see the best views of Kanchenjunga from Pelling but waking up to this view. Oh My God!

I woke my partner up and we were in the garden in 10 min, watching the gorgeous beauty of the Himalayas. I was hypnotized by the view, much like a child watching the magician at his first magic show. I started freezing in another 10 min as it was super cold. I took around 100 pictures of Mt Kanchenjunga during my entire stay. We had our breakfast with the view of Mt Kanchenjunga and got ready to explore Pelling.

Day 2

We headed out with the first stop being Mt Kanchenjunga Waterfall.

I love falls located right on the road! No need to trek, and it offers so much beauty to passer-bys! Kanchenjunga Waterfall is one such place – and while you can see the Falls from the main road, you will get the full view of the second mightier Fall once you pay the entry fee of 10 bucks and walk a few meters in. As you are close to the falls, the icy cold water feels like nature is spraying mist on you!.

Photo of Kanchenjunga Falls, Sikkim, India by Ujala Kashyap

Next we stopped at River Orange Garden,

It's a beautiful place to hang out in tranquil for sometime with the rimbi river flowing alongside the orange garden Entry fees are 20 bucks.

Now to the sacred Khecheopalri Lake

The beautiful lake, surrounded by lush greenery, Khecheopalri Lake is a holy place for Buddhists and Hindus, and the abundance of colourful prayer indicates just how sacred it is. We trekked to the top of the hill to get the complete view of the sacred lake. It took nearly half an hour to reach the top. There is a small shop where you can buy water, or drinks or something to eat if you feel hungry or so.

Photo of Khecheopalri Lake, Sikkim by Ujala Kashyap

After having Lunch, we headed out for Sanga Choeling Monastery and Pelling Skywalk and ended our Day 2 in pelling.

Photo of Pelling- A Slice of heaven in the Himalayas by Ujala Kashyap
Photo of Pelling- A Slice of heaven in the Himalayas by Ujala Kashyap

Next morning we woke up early at 5 AM to see the view of the glittering peak, Mount Kanchenjunga in the distance – making for an awe-inspiring sight in the mornings, when the first rays of sun danced on the peak turning it into shades of peach and burnt orange.

After having breakfast we had planned to visit Singshore Bridge & Rabdentse and Pemayangtse Monastery

Day 3

The road is decrepit and the turns can make the acids in your stomach swirl. There are no food stops, no toilets and no water counter on the way. So brace yourselves for a tiring 2 hours journey. On the way, you will find Changey falls, which is literally on the road. You can stop for a while and have some photos clicked. Singshore Bridge is a massive structure With lush green mountains on all sides. A faint sound of water flowing through the steep edges can be heard. It's a bliss to stand on that bridge. There are a few shops that sell chips and other eatables. Do buy something for the return journey.

Located next to the Bird Park, getting here involves a 30 minute trek of 2 kms through the wilderness (ensure you’re wearing good trekking shoes.) The trek is relatively easy with no uphill or downhill climbs and the sounds of the birds and insects will have you spellbound during the journey and exhaustion is worth the effort.

Photo of Rabdentse Ruins, Geyzing, Sikkim, India by Ujala Kashyap

I could not visit Pemayangtse Monastery as it was closed due to the novel COVID’19 pandemic :(

I would recommend to stay for at least two -three days in Pelling, so that you don't miss the view of Mt Kanchenjunga due to the misty and cloudy weather.

Happy reading and Keep WishListing for your Future travel plans!

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