Singapore: Going Wild & Crazy!

15th Apr 2013
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Shop in Little India, Singapore
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The Singapore Flyer
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Marina Bay Sands Hotel
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Singapore Skyline

Going by its name, this Gallery is at the height of 282 meters and gives a 360 degree view of Singapore. You can stand here and get a spectacular view of the Marina Bay and various other historical and architectural beauties of the city. It's triangular shaped open bar is one of the highest bars in Singapore. Due to its location in the heart of Singapore’s central business district, this observation deck offers mind-blowing views of the city’s skyline and harbor. A top spot for thrill seekers, the observation deck also has a bar and cutting-edge, interactive cameras that let guests see information about the specific landmarks they are viewing.Recommended for a fun evening, with a pleasant view and some great food and drinks.

Photo of 1-Altitude Gallery & Bar Singapore by Alexandra Kovacova

The Marina Bay Sands has everything needed to entertain you. World class theaters, restaurants and shopping centers. It is one of the best and most luxurious experience to have in Singapore. But, more than anything it is known for its Casino. It has Singapore's largest and most lavish Casino. Home to 1,500 slot machines, 600 game tables and non-stop action, this casino is among the world’s glitziest and a prime destination for those in search of a thrilling experience.

The Singapore Flyer is as majestic as the London Eye. This giant Ferris wheel is actually an observation wheel that is about 42 storeys high, making it the world's tallest. The ride takes around 30 minutes and is an exhilarating experience. The entire city is visible and the view remains magnificent at each turn. This huge observation wheel boasts of unparalleled views of Singapore and even offers cocktails and some of the Singapore’s famed, exotic cuisine.

Photo of Singapore Flyer Singapore by Alexandra Kovacova

The beautiful Victorian architecture, colorful buildings and small China shops are what makes this place distinct from the rest of Singapore. The Chinese are the largest ethnic group here and Chinatown is where you can experience Chinese culture in its true essence. The Chinatown Heritage Center, where sets of bedrooms, kitchens and street scenes from the late 19th century and early 20th century are faithfully recreated, is another authentic attraction worth visiting.The food here is insane, with the most bizarre and unique Chinese Specialties. My personal recommendation would be to try out the Chili Crab Legs. Yumm!

Photo of Chinatown Singapore by Alexandra Kovacova

Located across from China town, this ethnic neighborhood is made of the Indian Tamilian population. Little India is fun for its delicious Indian food, colorful festivals and shops selling everything from handicrafts to an extensive variety of popular Indian spices. You can easily walk around this small Indian enclave and get the best of the rustic streets lined with shops and restaurants. Little India is a stark contrast from Chinatown, or Singapore itself. But, considering the Indian population residing here, the craziest thing would be to understand the various blends of culture here. This is also one of the cheapest places in Singapore, so you can make the most of it!

Photo of Little India Singapore by Alexandra Kovacova

Another ethnic enclave to experience the Arab/Malay culture of Singapore. It was the seat of the old Malay royalty which is visible in its rich architecture showing hints of Arab influence and monumental heritage, with Golden domes and ringed designs. The Muslim Minority resides here and it is also a great place to shop for Persian carpets, lace, batik, semi-precious stones and an assortment of handicrafts. Kampong Glam is a walk into the Malay culture. Don't forget to visit the Malay Heritage Center to understand the culture better.

Photo of Kampong Glam CC Singapore by Alexandra Kovacova

Yes, it is possible to go wild and crazy in Singapore! Sitting at the tip of the Malay Peninsula, this little city isn't given its due when it comes to having fun. Divided into 63 islands, most people think of Singapore as home to the famous Universal Studios. But, there is more to this place than just its commercial tourist spots. Many people have a one-dimensional view of Singapore. Maybe they’ve heard it’s an artificial country, or a boring one, or a restrictive one. But, due to government-driven changes, these things, if they ever were true, are changing. In fact, Singapore is one of the most enjoyable Southeast Asian cities you could visit. Believe me, Singapore can be much more than just a commercial or business hub.

My trip to Singapore was a re-think of this South-Asian Country and the beauty that it holds. There are many misconceptions around this city, but I think it is one of the few countries that touches the epitome when it comes to various things. Whether shopping, exploring natural parks or eating amazing food, Singapore is a city you’ll love and think about long after you board the flight back home.

Culturally rich, Singapore is a mix of Indian, Malay and Chinese cultures. The best way to discover Singapore is to go unconventional; to go a little crazy. The beautiful architecture, stylish restaurants, pubs that are open all night, food that will make your heart melt and adventure that will ensure a spike in your adrenaline. Singapore has a lot to offer for those who seek to explore with conviction, instead of dismissing it as a typical, mundane, urban city.

To me, Singapore looks better at night. The beautiful lights that illuminate the city make it a sight to look at. This is precisely why Singapore is one of the best places for some night photography. It is a very photogenic city, especially at night. You could play a lot with your night photography, like I did. Considered to be one of the Greenest Cities in the world, Singapore is stunningly clean, which I think greatly adds to its beauty. When it comes to partying, you won't be disappointed. Singapore’s 24-hour licensing means that in some neighborhoods, the bars never close. Party all night, party all day. What could be better in a vacation? Unless, of course, you prefer to relax, and with all the beautiful hotels and spas Singapore has to offer, you can do that too.

Given its hectic pace of life and exotic atmosphere, the city is not for the faint of heart. Adventure seekers and those looking for a new thrill will find plenty of crazy and unusual attractions. From ethnic enclaves to some of the world’s most jaw-dropping observation decks, Singapore offers plenty of thrilling - if not downright insane - attractions and sites of interest. The entire city can't be put into one trip, so here are my top things to do in this crazy city!

Another attraction here is the Skypark that sprawls on the top of the three hotel towers and provides a magnificent view of the city and some of the most delicious dishes, as well as a pool that sits on the park’s edge- right next to the edge of the tower!

Photo of Sands SkyPark Singapore by Alexandra Kovacova

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