The Best Journey I've Ever Taken – Thailand Diaries


Nothing compares to the sentiments and emotions one might experience when embarking on an adventure. Traveling enables us to put our daily problems behind us. This is the reason I want to tell you about my finest travel experience.

It started as I was packing for a trip from home. I was thrilled to be traveling to Thailand with my parents, which is the location I find most fascinating. I was unable to envision what that would be like.

Photo of The Best Journey I've Ever Taken – Thailand Diaries by Tanvi Punia

The first thing we noticed when we stepped off the airport into Thailand was the humid, steamy, and tropical air that pervaded the area. We arrived at our hotel on Phuket Island's southern coast. There seemed to be beauty everywhere. Tropical forest with lush foliage could be seen on one side of the road, while the Andaman Sea with its turquoise waters could be seen on the other.

We decided to unwind after a long journey by spending our first few days by the water. It was a beautiful day outside. We could see our shadows in the water because of how warm, calm, and limpid the water was and how bright the light was. The stresses of daily life and urban bustle seemed to be the only things on this planet besides ourselves. Slowly drinking coconut milk through a tube that was taken directly from a coconut, we were relishing every moment of our relaxation. The days were morphing into one another, bringing with them fresh, vivid, and immovable feelings and sensations.

We intended to explore the island for a day on motorcycles. We managed to cycle the entire island in one day by traveling down the shore. On our tour, we were able to see a different aspect of local life. People were rushing to get to work or attend other appointments. Thailand has incredibly heavy and loud traffic. One distinctive characteristic of Thailand is the prevalence of motorcycles.

We took pauses along the route to sample the local cuisine's delights at snack cafes. With its unique blending of sweet, sour, and spicy tastes, Thai food was a culinary delight for me. Sometimes the food was so sour and hot that I started crying.

We also decided to venture to less well-known areas of the island. The hills on our island were very high. Our eyes were opened to the beautiful scene of the tropical rainforests, the infinite sea with several neighboring islands, and the majesty and magnificence of the local wildlife. I felt so much unbridled freedom and tranquility in my head. Nothing else in life, outside this location and this time, seemed to be vital. Another thing that helped us to make this trip memorable was the travel bags that we were carrying. They were the most comfortable and light weight bags I've ever came across. In case you want to buy those, you can get them from sites like Shopify.

We had to fly back home, which was a really grim reality. This is a whole different planet, with its own temperature, people, food, traditions, and rituals that fascinate and immerse you in an astonishing aura of peace and composure. This thought caused a flurry of emotions and sentiments to rush through my head. I can clearly recall it today and realize it was the finest adventure of my life.