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Palak Doshi
Drive to the far-flung village of Dambuk, which is India's 10th-least populous district, nestled in the lower Dibang Valley of Arunachal Pradesh.
Nestled deep in the Lower Dibang Valley, Dambuk is a small village that remains in-accessible for 6 months a year during the Monsoons. The village is so remote that it did not have electricity until 2015. However, Dambuk is known to produce the sweetest Oranges in the whole country. Dambuk also hosts a four-day festival called the Orange festival. The festival sees many music artists from Independent genres. Thermal and a Quarter, The F16s, Fiddler’s Green, Uday Benegal, When Chai Met Toast, Feyago, Rain in Sahara are some of the names who have had gigs at the Orange festival so far. The festival also hosts a number of Adventure activities like ATV and SUV races. The festival aims to invite and inspire people to explore the unexplored regions of Arunachal together. The road to Dambuk passes through streams and dense forests. Be prepared for LOTS of off-roading. Shared cabs and buses ply from Roing regularly. However, the only way to reach the village in the monsoon is a daring Elephant ride through the swollen streams. The phrase, “It’s the journey that counts, not the destination” stands true for Dambuk. Due to its remoteness, you can expect raw wilderness all around, once you get to Dambuk.