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Soul and Fuel
Soul and Fuel
Miao is a ADC headquarter with splendid natural beauty of Noa-Dihing stream and green surroundings, Mini zoo, forest deposit, wildlife library and Tibetan refugee camp are the places of interest.
Miao is a quaint town on the banks of the Noah Dihing River and is surrounded by dense tropical forests on all sides and also the Gateway to Namdapha National Park. The rock music culture in the North East is pretty evident in this small town. You can easily spot shopkeepers and people taking a stroll through the streets playing familiar classics from the 70’s and 80’s on their mobile phones.Local attractions in Miao include a local Zoo that houses some of the endemic species of the region and Hornbill Hill, a brilliant spot to hike and spot hornbills. It’s recommended that you start early in the morning. The locals say, you can spot them only hiking after a couple kilometres into the forest. Be sure to go with time in your hands if you’re going bird-watching. 1 hour into the forest, we could constantly hear the call of the Horn-bills. The task is to spot them. Refer to the website for bus timings.
Meghana Biwalkar
This unexplored town is full of surprises. It has it all history, art, nature, forests, churches, pagodas... And is the closest to the road that opens up to Burma