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Dirang Village

Sneha Avinash
Akash Kashyap
So this October 2019 , I spontaneously decided to skip the City life during Durga Puja & head towards Tawang , Arunachal Pradesh which is at an Altitude of 15000ft approx. It was in my bucket list since childhood , I went to Arunachal Pradesh couple of times but never managed to plan a trip to Tawang . I have been hearing a lot about these Mountains ,that they give totally different chilly vibes. So , I quickly packed my camera bag and another for my requirements to suffice next 7 days , away from honking city life , internet & social media .I started my journey from Guwahati towards Tawang where I passed through Rupa , Tenga Valley ,Bomdila and then reached Dirang Village which was my first day halt after 14 hours drive . I witnessed the magnificent Dirang Valley along with the blissful monastery.You can connect with me in Instagram , click the link below https://instagram.com/floatinglenscap?igshid=5dqvb7bsa99e
On the way, you will find the beautiful Sela Pass. This has the beautiful Sela Pass