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Dirang Village

Sneha Avinash
Akash Kashyap
So this October 2019 , I spontaneously decided to skip the City life during Durga Puja & head towards Tawang , Arunachal Pradesh which is at an Altitude of 15000ft approx. It was in my bucket list since childhood , I went to Arunachal Pradesh couple of times but never managed to plan a trip to Tawang . I have been hearing a lot about these Mountains ,that they give totally different chilly vibes. So , I quickly packed my camera bag and another for my requirements to suffice next 7 days , away from honking city life , internet & social media .I started my journey from Guwahati towards Tawang where I passed through Rupa , Tenga Valley ,Bomdila and then reached Dirang Village which was my first day halt after 14 hours drive . I witnessed the magnificent Dirang Valley along with the blissful monastery.You can connect with me in Instagram , click the link below https://instagram.com/floatinglenscap?igshid=5dqvb7bsa99e
On the way, you will find the beautiful Sela Pass. This has the beautiful Sela Pass
Fatema Diwan
Dirang is a small village near Tawang famous for its hot water springs and the local tribe. We made this stop to get to know the tribe mostly and it turned out to be a great experience. The Monpa tribe has been occupying this place for about 500 years now with the Dzong fort being built in the 17th century. We also stumbled upon Dirang Dzong, a former Tibetan prison now converted into a residence. The monument is protected by the Archaeological Survey of India, but there was no more information there to explain what the place was about. Guess that is due to the lack of tourism here.