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Jang Falls

From the monastery we headed straight for Bomdila. On the way to Bomdila we stopped at the beautiful Nuranang falls. We also stopped at Jaswant Garh and Sela. It was December 24, Christmas Eve and so we tried to do something festive.While returning from Bomdila we spent a day in Shillong and then left for Guwahati, where our journey had started.I have always loved travelling to the mountains, and have been to places like Himachal and Ladakh previously. Every place was beautiful in its own way, and so was Arunachal. The history and the culture of the place was something I have never come across previously. Thankfully the place is still not crowded like other popular tourist destinations which made Arunachal even more beautiful. It has indeed had a lasting impact on me. Before signing off I would love to thank my fellow travelers Bedvit, Annyesha, Budhaditya and Arijit, without whom the trip would not have been such a success.
Priya Krishnamoorthy
Jang falls is about 100 mtrs high and the sound can be heard from far. A small route deviation of about a Km or so can take one near the falls. Nurannang River originates from the northern slopes of Sela pass and forms this breathtakingly beautiful falls before it falls to form the tawang river. One can trek to the base falls where a hydel power plan is located.
Saikkat Dasgupta
I decided to pack my bags the next day & set off for Bomdila, before the weather conditions aggravated further. The cab left from Tawang at 5:30 in the morning. We stopped for breakfast at Jung, which offered a great view of the waterfall there. The Jung falls are truly hypnotizing.
Saikkat Dasgupta
After Jaswant Garh, the condition of the roadways continues to be abysmal till Jung, where the construction of new roads was in progress during my visit. The road conditions improved drastically from Lhou village to Tawang. The view of the crescent shaped town of Tawang at a height of 11,000 ft, visible from 50 Km away gave me goose bumps. The town is well developed, in light of its importance from political, religious & tourism aspect.To my misfortune, I reached Tawang on a Monday when the main market remains closed for its weekly off. I dropped off my backpack in the Government run tourist lodge and walked down to the main market craving for some food. Hotel Brahmaputra was serving freshly made hot Aloo chops to my luck.I decided to search for some local delicacies. I found Dawa Restaurant further down the road, which served Thukpa & momos in their traditional taste & form. After satiating my hunger, I returned to my room to call it a day. It had been a long and tiring journey and my body longed for some rest. The entire state faces major power problems and enjoys the luxury of electricity only from 7 pm in the evening till 8-9 am in the morning.The next day I woke up to the view of beautiful snow clad peaks from my balcony. I just stood in the sun soaking in the warmth for a few hours, before I decided to go out. After a stroll around the main market, I settled at a small restaurant in the basement, Lungta Restaurant for breakfast.
Rathina Sankari
It had been pouring since the day I had arrived. Sometimes I was lucky to sight the sun which was early to rise and set in this region. Numerous waterfalls were seen on the way. The long journey to Bomdila took me through mountain passes that were verdant and sometimes bare as rubble slid down and blocked the road. Army jawans were seen patrolling the roads. The BRO was doing its best as roads were being laid and repaired. As we crossed the army camp at Tenga the road conditions worsened.