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Old Ziro

Lavina Solanki
6) Ziro Valley, Arunachal PradeshTalk about tribes of North East India and not mention the tribes of Ziro valley? The Apatani tribe women are famous for their face tattoos and large nose plugs. A not so untouched valley, its famous for the magnificent Ziro Music Festival held every year. Musicians and music fanatics travel from all parts of the world to witness the event. Apart from the fest Ziro is famous for its green lush rice paddy farmland and bare hand fishing in those paddy fields. With a lot to explore in the village, learning about the culture and tradition of the tribes is something you cannot miss. Did you know that the tattoos on the faces of the women were a sign of disfigurement? The tattoos and nose plugs were made in order to protect them from the rival tribes....
Shruti Jain
One of the best place to visit when you need that solace and want to feel the warmth of Apatani tribe :)