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Parsuram Kund

2) Parshuram Kund : Situated in the Lohit district, Parshuram Kund is an hour and a half drive away from Golden Pagoda. The gushing Brahmaputra and the hills around makes it a perfect place to unwind with a book and a picnic basket. Parshuram is a remote pilgrimage site along the Lohit river It often attracts people from Nepal and north eastern states of India on the occasion of Makar Sakranti.
Arunachal is easily accessible from road via tinsukia, dibrugarh or duliajan. From Duliajan it is a 3 to 4 hour journey. One has to take an inner line permit to enter Arunachal which is easily available on entering Arunachal. The whole roadtrip consists of seeing expanding rice fields with mountains in the back drop. As you come closer to Arunachal, the mountains get closer and closer and one almost feels like you can touch the clouds going through the mountains.
Final destination, 130 Km away from Rupai Siding. 70 Km from Namsai, roads are not all good, From Wakro , Orange Valley, we have to go high for another 12-14 Km. A scenic view from top.