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Tenga Valley

vaibhav singh
9th Feb –D 2 Guwahati-Tenga valley0800 in the morning, the sky was blue, painted with puffy rolls of clouds. There was a light breeze and temperature was 12ish. We were on the road by 0830 and route we had chosen was Trans Himalyan highway via Kalaktang. As we headed north first we crossed Saraighat bridge on the Grand Bramhaputra river. Historically it is the first rail cum road bridge constructed over Bramhputra in year 1962. The bridge got its name after The BATTLE OF SARAIGHAT fought in 1671 between Mughals and Ahoms. While the old bridge still holds good, a new bridge has been built parallel to it. The traffic is well managed and one won’t face any problem getting across the bridge. From there we headed to Sipajhar(58km) On NH 15. Continuing ahead we had a km of rough patch close to Balugaon and Rowta(114km). Till Rowta road makes its way through vast patches of paddy fields, spotted with small hills and garnished by banana and Areca nut (Supari) trees. The beautiful and varied fauna adds a unique elegance to this fertile land. From Rowta road turns North taking you up to Bairabkund(132km). At Bairabkund, as you cross over the beautiful bridge over Dhansiri river, you enter Arunanchal and terrain rises gradually and twists and turns become common. Although road from here on has rarely any traffic, but the age old tall trees, meandering roads and the overall scene will make one stop to have a look and gape in awe. The Buddhist peace flags fluttering in mountain winds and bird songs will keep the scene animated and waterfalls on road will give you enough opportunities to keep your car clean. Further on, first stop to refuel and refill would be only be Kalaktang (191 km). Wai Wai Noodles and veg momos will be fine take in case you stop by a road side stall (other food can be slightly risky). From here to Shergaon(230km) the road offers you some majestic photographic opportunities and most of them are single window, because diverse weather in this region makes every day a new day. Also long straight wide road segments are a reward for passionate riders. After Shergaon, one would observe less of vegetation and steep terrain both sides, until u reach the Rupa valley. Rupa and Tenga are the biggest settlement on trans Himalayan highway, thanks to Tenga valley, which is one of the widest valleys in this area. The meandering Tenga river’s clear waters roll over beautiful white rounded rocks as the river runs across the valley. Apart from nice hotels and homestay, the garrison holds a lot of valley. The unique combination of tribal culture and organised garrison makes the valley so picturesque, that we decided to celebrate the view from a vantage point with a bottle of beer. This night crawled up, the valley presented us with such a fascinating view that we decided to sit outside despite chilling winds. Crawled up inside the blanket we caught some time lapse of traffic moving on roads across the background of tiny specks of light scattered all over the valley. Worth mentioning here is that liquor is easily available and at 1632 m above sea level, you get high really faster. As we were appreciating all this, it rained and we had to take a recess to our rooms. In all the silence the valley was holding, we could hear the gushing winds and rain drops splashing all over roof. With all this mesmerising scene and some single malt we passed on to our dreams. LIGHTS OUT10th Feb D3
ferhan hazarika
After about 30mins we reached nichifu pass which is at an altitude of approx 3600m. We then descended downhill towards the Tenga Valley where we had our lunch. We then went to the Tenga river, the nearby military camps, the farms and the foot suspension bridge. We spent the afternoon in the cool and calm of the valley and by about 4.00pm started ascending towards Bomdila, we reached Bomdila by 5.30pm, and it was dark already. We went about the small town and its shops meeting locals and then returned to the hotel by 7.30. By 8.00 the town was dead silent and not a soul out on the streets, it was really cold and cozy i guess that was the reason the town went dead.
Nerdy Adventuress
A quite valley that sounds of the bubbling brook, Tenga is a very small town which can be crossed in barely 5 minutes. Low clouds surrounded by mountains and the melodious flow of water, it is the kind of place Ruskin Bond would have chosen to write a story.
Saikkat Dasgupta
I ended my day with a stroll around the town and dinner at Hotel La. I left the next morning for Bhalukpong. After a wonderful drive across Tenga valley, Nechiphu, and Tipi, I reached the wonderful town of Bhalukpong, which was the end of my visit to 'The land of rising sun, Arunachal' this time. I had my lunch at a small restaurant, Garuda restaurant in the main market while sharing stories from my travelling escapades with some fellow travelers. The nostalgia from my trip was gripping me with time. It was time to bid adieu to these mountains, which instilled peace & faith within me when there was none."A million miles away, your signal in the distance, to whom it may concernI think I lost my wayGetting good at starting over every time that I return, I'm learning to walk again." - Walk, Foo Fighters
Ajinkya Mundle
tenga valley is all about army camps. One can stay at any hotel in bomdilla[a village] or at tenga valley for night stay. you can stay in tents also at bomdila. but be prepared with the winter wear. temp is not that low but the cold winds will blow you up :-). Gowahati -> tenga/ bomdilla, roads are good From tenga onwards, roads are narrow. As someone has said, destination is not important but journey towards the destination is what matters. As soon as you enter arunachal pradesh from bhalukpong[last village on assam -AP border],you will see amazing unexplored Arunachal pradesh. tenga valley/ bomdilla night stay.