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Mohit Jain
Walong => Kibithu - Km covered: 106, Start Time: 0915Here are a few pics on the way from Walong to Kibithu:
Mohit Jain
Walong => Wakro - Km covered: 223, Start Time: 0710This day was supposed to be the longest day of our journey and so it happened.After lot of quest, we were finally rescued by an army truck to get the tyres of our motorcycle filled with air. We also had Maggi and grabbed some snacks from the army canteen at Walong.Army men were very humble and we loved knowing about each other. A few handshakes with smiles on the faces we moved forward contemplating about the people's life in such geographies.
Mohit Jain
We stayed in a beautiful bungalow at a place called Garam Paani (aka. Hot Springs), 7 kms after Walong. Its just 150 m far from the banks of the Lohit River and the actual hot spring. There were only 6 big bungalows in the compound. Usually they charge 2500 but we were given at the discounted rate of 1500 per night. Infact, we got some delicious North Indian dishes available there which was something we were badly missing for quite some days.
Kirti Dhanuka
31st December, Walong IB, Anjaw, Arunachal PradeshWe met at Walong IB and planned on things for the next day's stay. We woke up early, explored the nearby place at Walong, had our breakfast and decided to move towards Dong. The AOG team had reached early morning that day, so they explored the Kibithoo HQ and the easternmost highway around 15 KMs from Walong. So, I and Gaurav decided to first go towards Kibithoo, Kaho and then join the rest at the foots of Dong. Carol bounced along with us.The roads after Walong are pitch perfect. Not much altitude and again the Lohit Blues flowing along with us. Photographs don't do any justice to the place, and after two puffs of herbs things change drastically. One side of the road has the river, down and the other side keeps changing. The Pine tree available here is a rare typical one called Pinus Merkusii and is found only in this place of India. At times it is flat with pine trees, at time we see tall mountain peak and at times we saw thick and dense forest. The main Kibithu HQ is totally under the Indian Army control and is not habitable for any civilian.
Jitendra Kumar Sarmah
Walong is a beautiful valley in the Anjaw district of Arunachal Pradesh, India.