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Nek Chand Rock Garden

Malhar Lakdawala
Rock Garden was a newly build unique concept which was built by Nek Chand, a government official who started the garden secretly. It is completely built of industrial and home waste and thrown-away items. Though we found it difficult to absorb the concept.
Damini Aggarwal
It is amazing to know how a man's vision and hardwork can create a masterpiece out of waste materials. This place spread over 40 acres has everything you can think of, rocky terrains, waterfalls, swings, amphitheatre, aquarium and statues etc. This garden demonstrates how urban and industrial waste can be fruitfully recycled. History: The creator of the Rock Garden, Nek Chand, was a Road Inspector in the Engineering Department of Chandigarh Capital Project. The first seven years (1958-65) were spent collecting natural material, urban and industrial waste. Gradually his collection mounted to a staggering twenty thousand rock forms of amazing beauty. He recycled these materials into his own vision of the divine kingdom of Sukrani, choosing a gorge in a forest near Sukhna Lake for his work. The gorge had been designated as a land conservancy, a forest buffer established in 1902 that nothing could be built on. Chand’s work was illegal, but he was able to hide it for 18 years before it was discovered by the authorities in 1975. By this time, it had grown into a 12-acre complex of interlinked courtyards
Vj Sharma
Rock garden is near to Sukhna Lake. The entrance leads to a magnificent, almost, surrealist arrangement of rocks, boulders, broken chinaware, discarded fluorescent tubes, broken and cast away glass bangles, building waste, coal & clay-all juxtaposed to create a dream folk world of places, soldiers, monkeys, village life, women and temples. In the end there is a huge open space surrounded by different kind of mirrors having special effects. There are lot of things to do for children.
Sattanurupa Saha
Rock Garden The Rock Garden of Chandigarh is one of the most architecturally lauded spots in India which was single handedly created by Nek Chand in 1957 among the bottom of the gorges of Sukhna Lake and then later it was taken over by the government. It is built like a maze with interconnecting courtyards which compose of many art objects and sculptures, statues which are made with the help of industrial and domestic wastes like bathroom fittings and accessories, floor and wall tiles, sockets, broken switches, broken bangles, etc. This unique architectural build of the garden attracts peoples and it also arise the fact that the wastes can create such beautiful things which is an added asset.
Tasneem Merchant
The Rock Garden was built by Nek Chand who was a government official. The most interesting thing about the rock garden is that it was built entirely out of waste materials and discarded items such as galss bottles, pottery, crockery, rags etc. He started building this garden in secret and spread it over 12 acres single handedly. It was declared illegal by the state authority however, the people rallied behind him and saved this garden from certain demolition. Today, it is a place frequented by all who visit Chandigarh and has proved to be a tourist magnet.