Rupesh Kumar Jha
चामरेल में देखें सात रंग की धरती 
Parmita biswas
Chamarel, a beautiful village also referred to as the Coloured Earth
Varsha Suresh
Today, I visited many places that are star attractions of Mauritius. The seven colored Earth or Chamarel, was quite lovely. I could actually see the various colors of the volcanic ash. There is an old volcano closeby that has become a santuary as volcanic ash is known to be a very fertile. Next on the list was Grand Baie. Tried parasailing for the first time, it was totally at par with the hype surrounding the sport. The area also has a lot of markets and stores. And once all this was done, it was back to the hotel and pack to head back to less temporary home.DAY 7
Piyali Ray
Visited the beautiful Chamarel, Bel Ombre, Ile aux Cerf (You will find great difficulty in pronouncing these names if one isn't familiar with French). So Mauritius was a French colony, the reason why the locals speak broken French and broken English there. Shopping places and stores close down by 6 Pm and it could be disappointing for those who keep the shopping plans for the night time.