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Market Road

Varsha Suresh
Decided to take the day off to enjoy the beach and the clear blue sea right next to my hotel. Spent quite some time at the local market. Also got to see the ship in a bottle museum which was very grand. It is definitely worth spending a day at lesuire for you never know what might be close to your place of stay. This tip has always worked wonders for me, wherever I travel.Kicked back with a nice book and some sandwiches that my hotel was kind enough to pack for me. Oh, you must know, drinking water will cost you the most out there. You need to buy bottled water wherever you go and ensure that you always have them on you. The tap water is generally salty and I would advise against drinking that if you can help it. The bottled water will cost you about 60 bucks a piece.Also, for all local travels I used the bus. It is very quick, cheap and easy to follow.DAY 4