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Nirban Kundu
Bum La Pass, located at the Indo-China border, is accessible only by permission obtained from the Deputy Commissioner in Tawang District and then the Indian army cantonment. Its a difficult journey considering that almost 40-50% of the road is not in a good shape and also the frequent clouds cover the route. But, the view outside, with small natual lakes in almost every corner, and the grand picturesque views will make you forget everything. Not to forget, the hospitality of the Indian Army.
Bum la pass is the international boundary between India and China, where the flag meet takes place. To go there permissions are required from District Administrative Office by submitting documents of our vehicles. Easiest way is to hire a cab and its driver will take care of all formalities and take you to the border. There are numerous lakes on the way, and since I went in retreating winter, all the lakes were still frozen. The winter also delineated the harshest conditions where our soldiers defend our country. The Bumla pass, indeed, is a sight  to behold. The strategic international boundary will give goosebumps to every Imdian, and one couldn't resist shouting"Bharat mata ki jai" ! Back from the Bum la pass, I booked my return taxi for the next day. Tawang and its lovely people would fill every traveller's soul. Happy travelling!:-)With love, from Tawang.
Vandana Verma
Yay the D day had finally arrived!! Wondering what special was that day? Bumla pass!!We would have seen hell number of pictures, read hell lot of blogs about Bumla and were so eager to get there. For Bumla, separate pass and vehicle is required which is arranged from local Tawang community. Our hotel host was generous enough to have arranged it earlier for us.We started at 7am as the road to Bumla was rough because rains had cut it at most of the places and one had to get in there by 11am , not beyond that. Also, Sangetsar lake fondly known as Madhuri lake was also on the way to Bumla and you needed to spend some time before returning because you have no other option than to spoil yourself by its beauty. By the way,Tawang has 108 lakes. Anyways it was always a great idea whenever you are travelling to a new place to get on time everywhere so that you can enjoy the best timings and take best shots.Our driver was an uber cool guy.He was too fun and gave us thorough knowledge about the local people,cuisine and how the monks have stopped the killing of animals there on the philosophy of "jeeyo aur jeene do" to which he cursed them in his language. But what struck me most was his awesome collection of Bollywood songs.Man his choice was so similar to ours and we were so happy to know that we won't have to say him to change songs.We reached Bumla by 10am,it was raining and the place was covered with blanket of fog.Oh and how can I forget to write about the way to pass which was filled with red and pink roses like somebody had sprinkled them all around it.We were greeted by the Indian Army Jawans at the pass whose first question to us was,"Where you not scared at all coming this long way all alone?To which we replied, "No , sir it's because of you we are safe and we are always thankful to you for that"!At that time Bihar regiment was serving at the battalion. There is a rotation period of two years after which the regiment changes. The army jawans took us to the pass, which is India China border and briefed us about it's historical significance. The pass was a way through which China attacked India in 1962 India china war and we were extremely proud to know that Indian army maintains world's highest artillery there. At the border, Indian and Chinese people met 8 times a year on each other's respective special days with India's 26 january and 15 August being one of them. As a part of meeting cultural shows and lunch/dinner was organized which was equally enjoyed by army as well as local monpa people.
Jyoti sharma
If you don't have your own vehicle then it could be little difficult as both the offices are located 5-6 Km far and in opposite sides of Tawang. Also, its better to have carry enough copies because in Tawang Xerox per copy is INR 5 and double side INR 10 and the power cut is frequent. Also, if you plan to hire taxi for Bumla pass and Shungester/Madhuri lake then the permit needs to have taxi number and driver name. The general charges for taxi to Bumla pass n Shungester lake are INR 5000. You can try shared taxi if you can find people to share.  #Stay at Tawang Hotel Mount view for INR 800.  #Food Ama yangis good food Chapti n egg curry was nice.#Info Sunday mechanics are closed in Tawang and Bomdila so if there are any issues in your bike, you will not be able to get it fixed and this could alter your plan. This trip was originally published on Joey- my travels for your ease.
On the fourth day we headed for Bum La and Sangetsar Lake. In order to reach either of these places, first we had to reach a place called the Y-Junction, from where one road leads to Bum La and the other to Sangetsar Lake. There are no proper roads for reaching Bum La. Most of the roads are covered with snow and the cars heading for Bum La follow the trail that has been left by the army trucks. The texture of the mountains there was one of a kind: blackish texture dotted with the snow and red grass. Our driver said that the car could not be taken to Bum La because of heavy snow fall the previous night, so we had to trek the final two kilometres. It was really difficult to trek because Bum La is situated at an altitude of around 16,500 ft. above sea level, so we were often running out of breath and to make matters worse the sun was shining too bright above our heads.On reaching Bum La, the army officials checked our permits and then took us to a bunker, which was sort of a rest room. They offered us tea and samosas and were very hospitable. The area was covered in snow and we could see several white bunkers around the place. We were then taken to the Line of Actual Control. There we saw two soldiers monitoring truck movements on the Chinese side of the LAC. Photography was strictly not permitted.