Boozy Bath for Beer lovers in Prague


Beer lovers have a reason to celebrate!! While the rest of the world celebrates Oktoberfest by drinking beer, how about soaking in beer. Whatt?? Don’t be shocked we are heading you straight to beer spas in Prague where beer is cheaper than water especially at restaurants and bars. If you are happy, sad or just in a mood for some fun, we are giving you all the reasons to drink beer and now soak in it too. Beer lovers can soak up the true Czech culture along with essential vitamins while drinking from a personal tap. The philosophy is simple- what is good for your digestive system is good for your skin.

What is it?

Beer is a part of the Czech culture. The Czechs have elevated this healthy drink into a wellness experience. They rank number one in the world for beer consumption. Wherever you look in Prague, you find beer. This fact is validated by Prague’s beer museum and the worldwide statistics and now beer has found a new place –in Oak tubs. Yes, we are talking about Beer Spa. There are many beer spas you can find in the city. This year-round soak activity is extremely beneficial for the skin as well as is great to uplift your mood. The treatment involves a 20-30 minutes soak in an oak tub filled with spring water, hops, malt and yeast heated to around 38 degree celsius. This is followed by 30 minutes of lying down on hay bed. Just when we were thinking that beer is just good for hair, we realise all these years we have got it all wrong. Why just drink when you can dip, drink and dine.

The Experience

Sinking into a tub of beer is definitely an experience of a lifetime. This was something that is practically beyond my imagination. First things first, it is not an ordinary spa it is a beer spa. No scented candles, just yeast, malt and hops in an oak tub filled with warm water. As you enter, you realise that your body is going to soak up all the much-needed vitamins and oils it has been craving. There are many health benefits attached to it as it improves blood circulation, relieves joint pains, adds shine to hair and detoxification. While your body undergoes some fabulous changes, your 30-minute soak is complemented with homemade beer bread and unlimited drinking of beer. After a while, the water turns a little greenish, thanks to the hops. The soft music in the background and a little tipsy feeling-there is just one word to explain “bliss”.

You can entertain yourself by drinking directly from the beer tap, or by pouring the beer on the head thus proving the beer conditioner theory. Lastly, lay down on the hay bed to allow further absorption of all the good stuff that your body has just soaked.

Why do I try?

• Unlimited beer on tap while you soak up.

• 30 minutes of soaking in beer =lifetime boasting it to your friends

• The hops in the oak tub helps you open and cleanse the pores

• Beer is a great hair conditioner

• Malt is a great way to exfoliate and get rid of dead skin

• Yeast helps in rejuvenating the skin

Things to keep in mind

• Bring your own swimwear. Its always hygienic to carry your own change

• Don’t shower for at least five hours after the treatment

• You are free to drink as much as can within the allotted time frame. But, be careful as you might feel too tipsy

• Master the art of quick change as you don’t want to waste unnecessary time from an experience which lasts for an hour

Where you can Try:

The latest craze of beer spas has caught the attention of many tourists. It is always better to book in advance as they are always packed. Different beer spas offer different experiences. Some offer additional frills like beer massages while there are others that offer onsite beer-themed shop that sells everything from souvenirs to cosmetics to all kinds of beer. Discover the latest in pampering at these enticing beer spas in Prague: purkmistr beer spa, spa beerland, harrachov beer spa, Prague beer spa, original beer spa, Czech beer spa and there are many many more.

Experience for Two: Rs.15, 000(Approx.)

We all want to experience something new while travelling and this is something which should be definitely on your bucket list. It is by far the most exciting and pleasurable way to experience a completely different side of Czech culture.

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