The day I learnt to ride the tide #learningholiday

1st Oct 2017
Photo of The day I learnt to ride the tide #learningholiday by Indian Footsteps

In October 2017, when we decided to go to Pondicherry , our trip was surrounded by one sole purpose, scuba diving.

It was an extended weekend and people from #Bangalore rushed to #Pondicherry in thousands.

We reached and relaxed for a day.

The next when we enquired about scuba diving, we came to know that all the slots were booked for that day through PADI and it requires at least a 2-day program to perform a scuba diving.

So we went to #serenity beach for a second chance. The guy there was a surfing instructor and told us that scuba is not available but he asked us to try surfing.

Photo of Pondicherry, Puducherry, India by Indian Footsteps

We were little hesitant and disappointed. Then he told us, that he likes surfing more than scuba diving. And when we asked why, this is what he had to say:

"In scuba diving you're part of the water, you submit yourself to the water but in surfing you control the water. You train yourself to leash the tides and you administer the water."

It took us less than a minute to say yes to him and we were ready for it. Adrenaline rush was high and focus was sharp.

Our instructor was a French guy, who was there for a month and someone who travels all over the globe to teach and enjoy surfing.

Photo of The day I learnt to ride the tide #learningholiday by Indian Footsteps

He gave us the initial training for about an hour where he taught us in the sand how to stand on the board once the tide comes. After this it was time for real action.

The primary step was to wait for the correct wave, it should be high enough for you to have enough time to stand on the board and reach the shore.

Next step is to repeat the drill again and again as every time you slip from the board. It require immense strength to push up against the gravity while floating on the water.

After several failures came a successful ride. I was riding on the wave, feeling like Aquaman.

That day I just didn't learn surfing, I learnt the importance of practice, determination, patience and discipline.

From that moment till now, whenever I feel like the tide of life is pushing me away. Although I have done, rafting, swimming and parasailing but I never felt so controlled and free as I did during surfing. 

I learnt a sport, an art and most importantly a life lesson.

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