Bhangarh fort- haunted or not?

Photo of Bhangarh fort- haunted or not? 1/1 by Indresh Pal

It was the winter of 2011 and I was in Jaipur for my training and have had heard a lot of stories about Bhangarh Fort, so I convinced a friend I met a day back and we decided to go there and check for ourselves. We left early morning but it took us 6-7 hours to reach Gola ka bas (the village close to Bhangarh) and we had to walk for half and hour(around 2 km). Somehow we managed to reach there by 4 and fort closes at 5 pm, We were hanging around and laughing because we didn't witness anything paranormal and left at 5 without thinking of how we will return back to Jaipur.

While walking back to Gola ka bas village which is just half an hour away, we realised that the darkness has taken all over. The place is situated between three mountains and it took only 15 mins for day to end. We were shit scared and somehow managed to reach Gola ka bas and realised that last bus for Alwar has left and that village has no hotels to stay. Somehow we managed to convince a chai-stall guy to let us sleep on bench and spend a night.

We didn't experience any paranormal activity but it was there in our mind whole night.

Oct, 2011