Festival of colour in Udaipur

23rd Mar 2016
Day 1

Travel..!Trips..!...Adventures...! And all we travelers need reason to explore....so this time it was "HOLI" The festival of colours, love, enjoyment and yes the reason to backpack one more time...whooooaaa...and what would be the best place to celebrate this colorful festival rather than north India....So we decided to go to Rangeelo Rajasthan-"Na jaane kya dikh jaye"


Journey started and i was waiting for my partner to arrive during this waiting period i met a very sweet girl from Thailand who is suppose to travel in the same train and to the same destination. We had few talks and by the time my partner arrived and the journey began.

Day 2

The next day around mid afternoon we reached our destination. Now we reached but we don't no where to go, started asking people about the places, finally 1 auto guy told us about Jagdish temple. Reached the famous temple in Udaipur "The Jagdish temple.

Searching for rooms,finally got 1. We left our bags in the room and headed towards the temple to know where we can celebrate the best Holi, got to know that the best place to celebrate Holi in Udaipur is near Jagdish temple. The function of Holika Dahan also Kamudu pyre is celebrated by burning Holika(the devil) was about to start at around 7.30 pm evening near the temple. We rushed to our hotel, got fresh and then rushed to the temple.

Day 3

Wooooooooowww....yes this was our reaction looking at the crowd. We could find more foreigner's dancing, singing and enjoying the festival than Indians. This shows how India is really "INCREDIBLE". There was a stage show over there,now Holika burning started, the crackers the hustle and bustle, it was all so fun and a joy to watch and the experience.

Day 4

The next day afternoon we took the bus from Udaipur bus stop and left for Ranakpur, reached the place around 6 in the evening. Ranakpur -Jain temple. It is said that during British rule, the temple was devastated, after that the temple was reconstructed and exact replica of the present temple is beneath the temple ground.

Ranakpur-The jain temple

Photo of Ranakpur, Rajasthan, India by Wanderlust_eva
Day 5

Now we planned to go to sadri-a small town in Pali district. This is not a tourist destination, but as I love to talk to people and know about their religion, food, culture, tradition, etc....here we met families, who were so very good to us. 1 of the family offered a stay with them, for not even a second we felt that they are unknown to us, whole family treated us so good and made us feel a part of their family. They were not ready to let us go.

With the Sadri family

Photo of Sadri, Rajasthan, India by Wanderlust_eva

After the celebration, Evening is free to stroll around the markets of Udaipur. We went to the Gangaur Ghat or Gangori Ghat is a main ghat situated near the waterfront of Lake Pichola in Udaipur. It is situated near the Jagdish Chowk area. The silent lakeside feeling is so good and relaxing. Due to Holi, the markets were closed.

Next day we begin with enriching sightseeing of Udaipur. The Fateh sagar lake, it is an artificial lake. Due to some reasons the ropeway was closed on the day, but overall sightseeing was worth. In the evening, we hoped into the market and then went to Bagore-ki-Haveli, which is near-by to Gangaur Ghat.

This was the day for which we were in Udaipur, the colour festive of India, you can step out in the city to experience the riot of colours and water splashes. A walk through the streets in the city can allow you to have a firsthand experience of Holi. We went to the temple with some colours. The fun was to see how foreigners were enjoying it.We also enjoyed and started playing with them. Lath Mar Holi-this is a traditional celebrated by Rajasthani's on the occasion of Holi. We were very much hungry and all the restaurants and hotels were closed, at that time 1 family invited us for the breakfast. It was really very sweet of them.

The Thai girl, whom we met during our trip

Photo of Jagdish Chowk, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India by Wanderlust_eva

With the Family in Udaipur

Photo of Jagdish Chowk, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India by Wanderlust_eva

The Lath mar Holi tradition ("chote bach ki shaadi" the old traditional followed on this day)

Photo of Jagdish Chowk, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India by Wanderlust_eva

We had a 2 days stay over their and explored the local places over there like the restaurants, the temples, the holy rivers and the main attraction Parshuram Mahadev Temple.

This way my trip comes to an end, travelling doesn't mean luxury hotel staying, best foods and the common tourist sightseeing, it is more about what different you explored during your travel, understand the lifestyle of the people over there, how different life they live. I feel so motivated and confident after my trips. Wandering is 1 of the best feeling in life ,try sometimes. You will really feel proud to be called "A Wanderer"

Travel far enough, you meet yourself." (David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas)

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Photo of Festival of colour in Udaipur by Wanderlust_eva

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