Road to the desert.

26th Dec 2017
Photo of Road to the desert. by Raj Kalwani

A group of friends, a car; some smoke, booze, good music on the road is every person’s dream. Road trip stories are way longer than the journeys, and so is mine.

3 friends, car, yes; some booze and smoke, and on the road, it went from mountains to desert, Rajasthan road trip.

Photo of Road to the desert. 1/1 by Raj Kalwani

The temperature was 2 degree Celsius, freezing cold night, in the Aravali ranges.

Day 1

Mount Abu, the 1st destination of the journey, at the lake, it was cold and beautiful. Dogs, streetlights, benches, water and stars. The lake is lifeline of the city, for stoners, loners, families, and ice cream parties, full with people, bubbles flowing around and the market filled with fancy Rajasthani art and crafts.

Photo of Mount Abu, Rajasthan, India by Raj Kalwani

The blue city, welcomed us with some delicious “Dal Bhati”, it just added to the Rajasthani feels, blue Jodhpur was blending with sky, when you see it from 150ft high zip line, like a king from the Mehrangarh fort. The fact that the city is blessed with some good food is so true; the food was amazing, so if in Jodhpur, no worries about food.

Photo of Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India by Raj Kalwani

Jodhpur sightseeing was done, and the roads were calling again, this time almost till Pakistan. Deserted single lane road, huge windmills camouflaging into the sky, and as we reached, the Jaisalmer fort was glowing, attracting all the eyes towards it. The fort is a cool and happening place, filled with shopping and food stalls, roof top restaurants, where you can just sit, relax have some bhang and trip on the golden city.

Photo of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India by Raj Kalwani
Day 3

City exploration was done, now it was time to get lost in the endless beauty of Thar, huge sand dunes, camels, no phone network, some fake candid pictures, and the sunset. Well adding to it was the exceptionally beautiful Kalbelia dance.

Day 5

This part of the journey was a, de-stress therapy, on top of the world, infinity pool, relaxing, gazing at the city, it looked like the city is floating on water. The city is full of beautiful lakes, but the best one had to be Pichola, where you can sit by the side of lake, roll a joint, and enjoy the view.

Photo of Udaipur, Rajasthan, India by Raj Kalwani
Photo of Pichola, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India by Raj Kalwani

It was time to hit the road, mountains were left behind, we were on the highways, that stretch long, between the hills, music was on, Snapchat story was updated, and the nostalgia moment started, stories from past were being unfolded.

Conversations and sunset, the blend was mesmerizing, and in no time, Jodhpur welcomed us.

Jaisalmer was not yet done; the bumpy jeep safari ride in the desert had to be done. 8 in the morning, open jeep, strong cold wind, and we were chasing gravity on the dunes.

Photo of Road to the desert. by Raj Kalwani

It was time to head to the last destination, as it is said the best is saved for the last. This journey went in a very sufiyana mood, suddenly a coke studio song played, and then me, Rishabh and Abhishu, were delt into the mood, song suggestions kept coming, the road was passing by, but praising sufi artist and music was not stopping, until we made it to the city of lakes “Udaipur”

Day 6

There is always one sad part about; voyage that is heading back, the road was same, but not that enthralling this time, the speed meter dint bother crossing 60, and then the questions comes, guys where should we go for our next trip.