Special Lassie in Pushkar

13th Mar 2016
Photo of Special Lassie in Pushkar by Rahul Chandran
Day 1
When u hear the name pushkar first thing that come to your mind is special lassie.. What is this special lassie, its nothing but a concentrated form of marijuana. Its locally called bang.. Even though its illegal in most of the other places it's legal and easily available in pushkar. So what happens after having lassie. Iam writing this while drinking my second glass of medium lassie. Its very difficult to write and thanks to this auto correct system.. You might not be having any high for atleast half an hour of your drink.its a slow process. And when it hits you it's going to be heavy. You might feel every second is equivalent to minutes or hours, you just suddenly feel you are flying of from the ground. You cannot feel your legs. You cannot find the way to your room, you might think you are taking hours to reach your room eventhough you took only minutes. You might find difficult to stop laughing, you might find it difficult to come bake to your senses. Its not something like smoking a weed its beyond that, its the god of weed. So before you take a drink please ensure you are somewhere near your apartment and enjoy the legally illegal stuff you get in pushkar