The planing that began an year ago


Behind every execution, remains a successful planning. Do you really think it’s true? Well, I believe it’s a myth.

I was thrilled after my brother broke out the news to me that we were going on an adventure trip to Uttarakhand. I couldn’t contain my excitement and started planning rigorously for the trip. I gathered information from Books, Websites, Friends and every possible source to make sure everything fell in place. It took me nearly 3 months to muster a perfect plan and it ended as one of the most disaster trips ever. Due to few unforeseen situations, we couldn’t go even after making all the reservations and bookings.

Exactly, a year later, after the trip was called off for the second time due to improper dates, I gave up thinking it’ll happen when it’s meant to be. There is no point in putting hours of time, energy and efforts to see everything go in vain.

Would you believe your ears what exactly happened after that?

Let me give you a timeline of events :

1ST day – Plan initiated and tentative dates decided for the trip.

2nd day – Arguments and discussions over the dates.

3rd day – Flight tickets booked, Accommodation and transport: sorted

4th day – Off to a getaway

What we couldn’t do for over 3 months happened in just 3 days. All I did was few hours of browsing, few calls here and there and the rest was all sorted. I was emotionless and my feelings knew no bounds.

My trip to Uttarakhand was always unpredictable. Nothing ever went smoothly. While I felt ebullient, at the same time, I was prepared to face the worst, given the past experience.

Few of us are lucky enough to come across their passion at a very young age. Let me be honest, even at the age of 23; I wasn’t sure about the purpose of my life. I just led a normal, relaxed, stressed out, about-to-become-an-MBA kind of life. Hell broke; realization dawned upon and I started to chase relentlessly about the things I am passionate about. Though it took time and patience to figure out, I finally did get to what actually drove me.

1. Travel

2. Photography

I decided, like all the travel junkies, I would travel till I drop!

My flight was in the mid-afternoon, which gave me an ample amount of time to pack my luggage required for the trip. My camera, batteries, tripod and all the extra gear required.

Photo of The planing that began an year ago 1/1 by Avanthika Musipatla

The moment I landed in Delhi, I was in a state of juxtaposition. Delhi always gave me mixed feelings. It’s crowded, messy, typical metropolitan moving around the clock. I am a person of my own personal spaces.

My flight landed on time, thanks to the spectacular strategies of airlines these days. While we waited for another friend of ours to join us, we couldn’t stop but gaze around the airport looking at the culture of the people around us. It was so different up in the north compared to the people in the south. The culture, language, fashion, food, ambience, environment, everything was very different.

Our bus to Rishikesh was at around 10 P.M in the night, giving us time to explore little of Delhi, which is really impossible in such an insanely less amount of time. To move across from one point to another, it would take nearly half an hour to 45 minutes, although, it was only 5 kms of distance.

Our ride to the bus station boarding point was fairly expected, given the time of distance and the traffic in Delhi. It was no less than a tipsy topsy ride. To my surprise, the bus facility provided by the Government was kind of amazing. Though the ticket was fairly less compared to the private transportation, the kind of service provided was good.

Day 1

We reached Rishikesh early in the morning. Much to our surprise, the whole city was awake by then. The sun has shown up early by 6 A.M. The weather was pleasantly cool with gentle morning breeze keeping us wide awake

From the ever popular Ram Jhula bridge at Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

Photo of Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India by Avanthika Musipatla

“We finally made it”! is what we echoed together.

...Standing on the edge of the cliff made me feel a bit nervous but I can tell you that it was not the fear which was driving me, but the adrenaline rush which was a thousand times more than my fear. I felt blood gushing inside me, to take this one close call of listening to my thoughts.

I told myself there are no second thoughts to it and that I was going to take the jump, no matter what. I wouldn’t lose it to a second attempt because I know I can jump. I neither needed a push, nor a pull.

…….and there I go, out in the air, nothing else holding me back except a tight rope tied to my legs. I was in the air, free fall, held by no strings and no obstacles.

I was down to 83 ft in less than 5 seconds. The enormous speed, with which I fell down the cliff, pulled the rope, nearly back to the cliff making me do a flip in the air.

So basically, I fell, I returned back with equal vigor, took a flip in the air and then fell upright down again. Boom! It was one helluva ride! I could experience the rush even now when I type these words MADDENING! I did my first Bungee jump, after all! The one and a half year wait was totally worth it!

Down the cliff, we had to trek up the mountain for almost 20 minutes which was very tiring. The path up the hill was strenuous to trek and it released a lot of energy stored within me. I was exhausted by the time I reached up the gather point.

I just couldn’t collect myself for another ride called Giant swing. I thought I’d give it a break before I went totally down.

The other ride apart from these two, was pretty simple. We were supposed to lie in reverse, belly facing downwards, like a Superman. We would ride in parallel to the cable wire for 1km at a speed of 140km/hr. That was a hilarious ride.

Adventure lovers are surely going to feel at paradise in this city.

After the much awaited bungee, we headed towards Rafting.

The whole responsibility to raft during “rapids” falls on the shoulders of the guide. We had nothing much to do. It was very important to follow the safety instructions during rapids, otherwise we would have all went down.

One surprising thing which I couldn’t contain within myself was the water which was freezing cold. At around 40 degree Celsius, the feeling of dipping ourselves into the freezing water was heavenly.

Photo of The planing that began an year ago by Avanthika Musipatla
Day 2

After a fun filled day, we headed towards Haridwar, the land of temples.

One interesting aspect of Haridwar is its rich heritage and culture which brings along spiritual power and connectivity.

Situated at the bank of river Ganges, this place will bring a spiritual boost to oneselves. There is a different kind of aroma in its air. The splitter splatters of the water, thundering roar of the water flow, water gushing its way towards the boundaries, pleasant air by the bank side, everything in one place to witness. The surroundings are filled with positive energy and one just wouldn’t feel like departing from the place.

Ropeway ride to Mansadevi Temple, Haridwar, Uttarakhand.

Photo of Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India by Avanthika Musipatla

Though there are only temples around this place, one of the famous temples up above the hill is by name Mansa Devi temple. One can reach the temple by the ropeway, getting a panoramic view of the hilly side of the place.

An experience always counts and one should definitely pay a visit to this place to get energized by merely sitting and spending time at the bank of Ganges.

Day 3

What is it coming to Delhi and not getting to see one of the most beautiful monuments ever; one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

It was my second time to the Taj Mahal. Needless to say, the eternal monument never ceases to amaze us. The first time I went I was in an awe of the wonder. This time around, I hoped to get good snaps and add it to my album of best ones.

One of the seven wonders of the world, The Taj Mahal, Agra.

Photo of Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India by Avanthika Musipatla

Another glorious thing about going to the Taj Mahal is the roadway. The express highway makes it although more easier to drive to the place. It is an absolute fun for those who love going on long rides. It’s a perfect getaway.

Do be careful shopping around for souvenirs. One might face con artists tricking one to spend extra money

If there’s anything which is full of despair, then it has to be the day any trip comes to an end. The feeling is unimaginative. It’s like a hangover.

Any trip or a getaway has three phases

1. The phase where we eagerly wait for the trip to begin with knots in the stomach.

2. The phase where the trip begins.

3. The phase when it gets over.

Trust me; the last one is pretty bad. It takes a while to fall back into our mechanical life, rewinding and replaying the memories of the trip; repenting wishing we’d have done it differently.

Life is too short to repent for things which are gone.

All we can do is start planning for another impromptu trip rather than whining over the previous one.

Well, life does give lemons, but who would want a plain lemonade when we can add spice, sugar, and color to it for a lip-smacking drink