Solo Road Trip from Delhi to Rishikesh

28th Jul 2019
Photo of Solo Road Trip from Delhi to Rishikesh by Ravi Kumar Rana

Road Trip always thrills me a lot but it comes to solo road trip, my excitement get double. On 28th July 2019, I did a small road trip from Delhi to Rishikesh and I enjoyed my trip. It was a sudden and unplanned trip but still I managed to complete it without any major problems.

It was Sunday on 28th July and I was planning to do a Road Trip from Delhi to Jaipur on bike. I was talking about this with my folks and suddenly I was interrupted by my Mom. She told me that I should go Rishikesh instead of Jaipur because on 30th we have a big festival "Shivratri". She suggested that if I could manage to travel Rishikesh and visit Haridwar while coming back it would be good. I am also a huge admirer of Lord Shiva. I couldn't refused this and decided to do a road trip to Rishikesh.

As I said it was sudden road trip, I was not at all ready. At 2.00PM I finalized the destination and started packing my bag. I always keep myself prepare for worst situations while doing road trip so given below are few items which I always carry in my bag.

1. Piece of Rope

2. Liquid Soap and Toothbrush/Toothpaste

3. One kind of bed sheet and Towel

4. Few extra pairs of socks

5. Empty water bottles (I could fill it up whenever it's required it is a practice of carrying less weight in bag also save few bucks)

After packing, I took off at 4:00PM and started my Journey. I took GT road and head towards Ghaziabad via NH34.

It took me total 8 hours to reach Rishikesh because it was huge traffic on road because of millions of Kanwar Yatras (Kanwariyas). They have occupied almost every side of road and not even bothered about traffic rules. I find myself helpless because it was like struggling in battle where no rules applicable. Every biker was showing the worst riding skills on road during that day. It was very hard for me to drive like this as I can't drive against the rules.

Day 1

However, somehow I reached my destination after a long struggle on roads. During my journey I took only 3 stops first out of which first one was at Cheetal Grand (Khatauli). It's a good place to take rest and have snacks. I reached here after clearing the huge traffic on road. It took me 2 hours to reach here. I was here by 6.00PM

It was a good place and after taking some rest for approximately 20 minutes, I started my journey again. So far I have covered approximately 110 KMS and the distance between Khatauli & Rishikesh is 144KMS. I knew that it is not going to easy for me to clear these 144 KMS because the traffic jams were there because of Kanwar yatra.

I continued my journey and decided to take another stop nearby Roorkee which is around 76-80 KMS from here.

I started moving at 6.30 and before Roorkee at Muzaffar Nagar, all the bikers were redirected to Laskar (Uttarakhand) because of nuisance created by huge uncivilized crowd. It added few extra kilometers in drive. The problem with this route is, it's smooth as national highway. It is narrow and full of local traffic. Also you can't drive in a lane or straight way as it has many turns and there's no traffic rules on this route. You may find people driving according to them on this route. So it took me some extra time to reach Laksar.

Photo of Khatauli, Uttar Pradesh, India by Ravi Kumar Rana

But the problems were just started. I met a huge line of trucks carrying Kanwars at Shahpur. Somehow I managed to reach Baseri but as I said, problems were just stared. I found that road towards Haridwar/Rishikesh is completely choked by unprofessional drivers. It was a huge mess and people were stuck. It wasted another hour of my journey and finally I got a chance to rejoin the NH after Laksar.

The best route is to head towards Nourozpur and take the highway towards Sarai. It's a great route. Once I get onto highway, I was so happy. I didn't took any break till Haridwar but it was my bad luck that I reached Haridwar at wrong time. It was looking like a giant gathering of people where millions of people were running on roads. Although I liked the atmosphere because there were chanting "Har Har Mahadev" but it was a challenge for bikers to get rid of crowd.

Day 2

I got stuck and waited there for almost 2 hours. It was 12:00AM at that time. I started my journey at 4:00PM and it took me 8 hours to reach Haridwar because of traffic diversions and heavy traffic on roads. But this was nightmare for me because at Haridwar, even security officials were helpless. I would say it was a poor management by Uttarakhand government. Every year millions of Kanwariyas travel Haridwar on this occasion so they should have made plans accordingly. I found zero management on road even the guards where frustrated because of this huge crowd.

But somehow I managed to come out of the blockage at 2:00AM and head towards my destination "Rishikesh".

As the road was completely blocked because of huge traffic, I was diverted towards Bhimgoda Barrage by traffic guards. I took the route and head towards my destination. The distance is approximately same by both the route.

It took me another one & half hour to reach Rishikesh but finally somewhere around 4:00AM, I reached my destination.

I was happy but hell tired because of drive in traffic. If there's no traffic on route then a biker could reach Rishikesh within 6 and Half hours. But I reached there in 12 hours which is double the amount of time. I decided to take a quick nap so I used the bed-sheet which I kept in bag and took a quick nap in open ground as it was allowed today because of Kanwar Yatris.

I was so tired that I woke up at 9:00AM when a policemen asked me to move out from the ground. This is not the first time I slept in open ground but it was kind of funny to get a wake-up call by a policeman.

I packed my bag, and look for place to eat and finally I found a roadside dhaba where I had Rajma Rice in breakfast.

But at the end I was happy to see the sun in sky. This trip was a mix of emotions such as angry when I got stuck in traffic, unhappy with the poor traffic management of government, stayed hungry for a long time but happy in the end.

So this was my short solo Road Trip.


Ravi Kumar Rana

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