The Best Gate way to the East Africa

One of the best airport in the East African region. In-spite of being a small airport things are managed pretty well. WiFi is complimentary, however might have some issues during the rush hours.

Security is top class(don't get annoyed as it is for your safety only) and few things like, sniffer dog screening of 100% check in luggage, comes as a pleasant surprise.

Connections are good to regional hubs like Entebbee, Nairobi and Addis but direct flights to distant places are also catching up. The airport is the hub of Rawand Air which also has a cargo terminal too located alongside the passenger one.

Currency exchange, Mobile Sims and Cabs are available just outside the Arrival/Departure gate.

Two cafes ,one each in Passenger(Better) and cargo terminal with decent wifi. Just outside the premises you have a couple of decent places to stay which comes hady if you either have a long connection or have a late check in/out .

Bon Voyage
Photo of Kigali International Airport, KN 5 Road, Kigali, Rwanda by Vineet Kumar