Gateway to World : Airports to look forward

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COVID 19 originated in Wuhan, China has now spread in 199 countries, infecting more than 723,345 people(By the time I am publishing it). March 11th, WHO(World health organization) declared Covid-19 pandemic. We as a part of travellers community I understand how tough it is to be isolated and try to avoid not so travel plans. While we cancel our travel plans we can only think positive about the days to come. Though we cannot travel much, we can surely cherish our older memories and also gain much-needed knowledge to improve our experiences.


Today around 4 billion people travel using commercial aviation. More than ever pressurizing the existing facilities. This is the need of the future to expand existing outline beyond to facilitate the rapidly growing demand of the coming future. Government, Organizations and Infrastructure companies are coming up with newer ways to resolve all the challenging problems to enhance the utilities for coming needs by designing a new age of airports and transforming the older ones.

Following are the gateways of some of the countries that are coming up with expansion projects to fascinate you as a traveller and as an infrastructure admirer.

1. Incheon International Airport

Built-in 2001 on reclaimed land the airport is already going through many phases of expansion. One of the busiest airports in Asia, Incheon currently handles more than 65 million people in 12 months. Incheon already amongst the best airports in the world has a casino, spa, golf course, indoor garden and culture centre. The airport authority is trying their level best to reduce departure and arrival times significantly and had experienced positive results so far. Korean authority wants this airport to be a major hub for East Asia in terms of cargo and passenger movement. The final phase of this airport will complete in 2020-21 Incheon airport will include two-terminal, four satellite concourse, 128 gates, five runaways. The airport will increase its capacity from 65 million to 100 million a year.

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2. Kuwait International Airport

The new terminal at the KIA will complete by 2022. This expansion of the terminal will significantly increase the capacity of the airport. This will add 28 new gates and will eventually increase capacity by 12 million passengers each year. Having a facade of 1.2 Kms, the structural height of 52 meters and expanding it to a total area of 708,000 sq meters though located in hottest weather the airport will deflect radiated sun radiation while allowing only natural lights using photovoltaics. This making it the first LEED Gold certified passenger terminal in the world.

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3. Long Thanh International Airport

Tan son Nhat airport - with an increase in pressure on the already busiest airport of the country processing 7 million more than its current capacity, Government has approved construction of a new airport. This construction work once complete will boost the economy. The design of the airport draws from a lotus flower, a multi-stage project will complete operation of phase 1 in 2025 with a cost of 7.8$ BN USD. This will mainly consist of major facilities along with 2 runways and a terminal to process 25 million passenger movement in a year. Phase 2 to increase the capacity by 50 million by 2035.

While a long term expansion plan phase 3 will have a processing capacity of 80-100 million passenger traffic each year by 2050.

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4. Daxing International Airport

Already started last year the construction of this facility started in 2014. Designed by Late Zaha Hadid the 12$ BN USD project consists of four runways and a terminal building that consist of a central hub from which six concourse radiate, allowing flexible aircraft movements while reducing the walking distance for passengers. This airport will serve nearly 72 million passengers by 2025. The site has been designed for future expansion even though the airport already houses an expansive landscape. With a plan to increase 3 more runways and taking its capacity to 100 million in a year. This airport is an architectural masterpiece in terms of design and infrastructural parameters.

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5. Laguardia Airport

With a major 8$ BN USD transformation into a world-class facility. With the completion of terminal B and expansion activities, The structural pattern will unify the terminals B, C and D into one. This unified structure will be almost a mile-long terminal with state of the art passenger facilities, improved mobility and an annual capacity of over 50 million. Sky bridges will be lifted to a height under which planes can pass and stand by While the new train AirTrain La Guardia will connect the airport to new york's city. Opening by 2021 this airport will be the first to complete in 20 years helping new york to increase flight movement both in terms of passenger and freight movements.

Let's hope for the positive in days to come. Till then plan your upcoming trips and stay safe.

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