7th Oct 2010
Photo of Scarborough 1/4 by Happie Wanderer
Photo of Scarborough 2/4 by Happie Wanderer
Scarborough Castle
Photo of Scarborough 3/4 by Happie Wanderer
View from Scarborough Castle
Photo of Scarborough 4/4 by Happie Wanderer
Scarborough Harbour

My university conducts something known as 'Give it a GO' sessions where you try something new. One such session was a day trip to Scarborough. Scarboough is a small English town by the sea, one of the oldest sea resorts in Britain. It was a lovely day, not sunny though unlike today. We reachead there around 10 am and headed straight towards the water. Too tempted looking at the water for the water-baby that I am, I could not resist but dip my feet in the icy cold water.

We then walked along the promenade, occasionally stopping by little shops on the road. Next we went to the Scarborough castle which has over 2500 years of turbulent history behind it. It was a Roman signal station and the Viking haven. The castle is situated over a cliff and has a compound with lush dewy grass. The view from the castle is breathtakingly beautiful as one can see the entire town and the harbour. Later we stumbled upon St. Mary's Church which was closed by the time we reached. It is also the place where the author , Anne Bronte rests in peace. After having some chips from a local fish'n'chips place, we went for a cruise on the English sea. Though it was very cold and also raining we had a lot of fun on board. 

After the cruise, we went to Luna Park, a small amusement park by the harbour. It was like becoming a kid all over again enjoying some fun rides like the dashing cars, ferris wheel and others. As it was getting late, we could not visit the other places: Peasholm Park (we later came to know that its shut on Sundays, so there was no point going) which is an oriental park, the North Bay Railway which is Britain's most historic sea-side miniature railway and Hairy Bob's cave, a small piece of rock carved in the shape of a tiny house.

I wish I could stay some more, but as it was just a day trip we had to get back. But I plan to visit Scarborough sometime again as it is not very far from Leeds.