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30th Apr 2018

Morning Bliss at Kanyakumari Sunrise Point

Photo of Bike Trip to South India (Dhanuskodi- Kanyakumari - Tanjore) | Prawin Pix by Prawin Pix

We three of us started trip from (Chennai - Dhanuskodi - Kanyakumari). It was one of the best road trips in life to date and also am first time visiting these places.

Day 1

We left chennai at by taking N.H38 Road.As soon as we started the trip we were little hungry. we had breakfast in the 99km cafe (which is 99km away from Chennai). Rs:400 for three persons

We took pit stop in the place to soothe our thirsty throat

Thirsty Pitstop

Photo of 99 kms Coffee Shop, Perumbairkandigai, Tamil Nadu, India by Prawin Pix

and continued our journey.Around 2.00pm.we had reached Trichy and finished lunch at Banana Leaf hotel near to Pudukottai Byepass.

Rs:670 for three persons

In between many places we stopped the bike just for the photo shoot.

Photographing my friend who doesn't like photograph

Our journey continued around 8.30pm we reached Ramanathapuram.We meet few college students really good-hearted people they guide us for hotel and refreshment. During that time our bike got repaired suddenly these college students helped us they bought mechanic and repaired the bike they waited for us until 11.30pm.After that, they arranged food and hotel and they left(Really strangers are not bad people)

Sea Drive Dhanuskodi
Photo of Dhanushkodi, Tamil Nadu, India by Prawin Pix

Such a breath taking view in the month of April we never felt summer.Amazing sea drive.I prefer you should enjoy this road only by two wheeler

In India Blue-beaches are very rare.But here you definitely enjoy that view and Best places for minimal photography.Being an photographer i cant control my photography.

Sand Vs Sea

Sea Vs Sand Walk

After that we came back to Dhanuskodi town.During 1965 this complete town was destroyed by sand storm.Many people has evacuated from this town.Many people lost their lives in this natural disaster.

Still in this town has memory of people lived in that time.Church,Railway station and old homes which not able to use any more.

Few beaches has view to see the sea waves from opposite direction.Here also some place you can feel the blue waves with sunshines.

Bluesky with BlueSea

We left around 10.00am to the hotel and we went to Ramanathsamy temple in rameswaram.This temple was built during the Sethupathi Dynasty. It has various history appearance in many books in tamil literature. It also famous for the people to was out sins done in their life time.

Every architecture in the heritage site has built based on the some patterns the below 1000 pillar hall built based on the center point.

All the heritage architecture was perfectly planned in that time itself .Still now some expert architecture was not able to recreate the old architecture style.Below picture also one of the example

Serenity Morning Bliss

After that we completed breakfast and left rameswaram around 11.00pm .we are started towards Kanyakumari.But we have to stop one place of course its none another than Pamban Bridge

Pamban Bridge: This bridge one of the most visited tourist spot in India.Because this railway bridge was completely built on the sea which connects the town of Rameswaram on Pamban Island to mainland India.It was constructed opened in 1914 by British India government to strengthen the trade between India and Ceylon(Sri Lanka).

Bridge has opening for Sea Navigation

Around 1.30pm we have reached ramanathapuram.we fulled up our bikes planning to travel towards Kanyakumari via Thoothukudi -Tirunelveli (using ECR and National Highway) around 260kms.

Its one of the challenging ride because we have to finish this ride before 5.30pm to see the Sunset at kanyakumari.i i Asked my friend to start ride.But my friend replied

" Macha we are taking this ride to see sunset,if i drive definitely we can see only moonset"

So no option for me,i started ride the bike second day also without rest.we started around 2.15pm through ECR road.This road is very better condition but no wetness in air too hot.we are keep on riding had a chance to see salt ponds and land of palm trees on both sides of road.

Mountain Cut NH.44 :

We all three people literally watching the sun position in the sky we continued driving.While travelling we travelled via this mountain cut in the tirunelveli to Kanyakumari byepass.This mountain has many movie apperance like Singam (2010),Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi (2013),Jilla(2015)

Mountain Cut Located on the N.H 44.

Kanyakumari Sunset Point :There is quote by unknown "if your travel path is hard,definitely you will have amazing destination"Around 5.45pm we have reached the Kanyakumari.To enjoy this amazing sunset view.

We nearly spent 3 hours in that place with moody sea waves with sunset lights.We are very tired to due to travel.we got stay in this hotel Vivek Sagara (Click here for Map Location).It actually very cheap and good facilities just for 800 rupees with A/C and we went for dinner near to bustand Hotel Sangam pure veg and we went for bed.

We had breakfast and started back to chennai around started with relaxed mind and took many pits stops for capturing photos.

Aralvaimozhi: This place is located near to kanyakumari and geo position of this town surrounded by ghats.This place has huge wind navigation .we could see this places has planted with many wind turbines.

Wind Turbines in BackGround,AralvaiMozhi

Photo of Aralvaimozhi, Tamil Nadu, India by Prawin Pix

Mountain Cut : Our journey continues near to virudhunagar.we had lunch and we reached the Mountain cut around 3.00pm.we nearly spent 3o minutes to capture pictures.This place has amazing view with both sides.

After that around 9.00pm we reached trichy and finished dinner .We are planned to take pitstop at Tanjore(Sudden plan for Chola Temples).

i nearly spent three hours explored the temple ,heritage paintings and stories composed in statues.Around 11.30am we left Tanjore and rides towards the Kumbakonam to visit another Chola temple

We left around 4.00pm from kumbakonam and planning to reach chennai via Neyveli and Panruti.This road is dual lane road.Its very hard to drive lot of curves and small bridges.This road has greenery on both sides of course very cool ride with cool breeze.

Somewhere between Kumbakonam - Neyveli Road.

Photo of Bike Trip to South India (Dhanuskodi- Kanyakumari - Tanjore) | Prawin Pix by Prawin Pix

SethiyaThoppu : While crossing this place in one bakery is two much of crowd.We stopped bike for tea and snack its really very tasty then we realized why this place was very crowded.

We reached Panruti around 8.00pm and heads toward Vikravandi (Places connect with Chennai -Trichy Highway).We reached the Chennai highway around 9.oopm and kept driving.Around 10.00pm we finishes dinner at Melmaruvathur.

After we heading towards Ramanathapuram during this travel we felt we are doing a road trip. Really cool breeze road passing through villages.

Silhouette Bikers,Thirumayam ,Tamil Nadu

Photo of Thirumayam, Tamil Nadu, India by Prawin Pix

We stopped the bike at Devakottai for Tea break around 6.30pm.The tea shop owner asked about our trip and he shared few contacts for make good stay in Rameswaram.

After that, we headed to Rameswaram.Our fate time there is no hotel available in the Rameswaram(Some Ramanathsamy temple festival on that day-So guys if you are planning check for this details first). But we got the hotel very bad condition. Around 2.00am we went for bed.

Day 2

Dhanuskodi Sea Drive:

we started around 5.30am towards the abandoned town its dhanuskodi. From dhanuskodi we need to drive to dhanuskodi-point its around 24km from the dhanuskodi town. The best part of this road it was covered by sea both side of the road. It will look like this below image

Abandoned church

1000 pillar hall at Ramanathsamy Temple,Rameswarm

Salt Pond near Thoothukudi

Photo of Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu, India by Prawin Pix
Sunset view enjoying by Romantic Couples
Day 3

Kanyakumari Sunrise Point : Start of a New Day with Morning Vibes.On May 1,As soon as we woke around 5.30am headed towards the Sunrise Point.Many travel bloggers mentioned about this Sunrise at kanyakumari.We really had majestic sunrise view but another thing i never seen a that much crowd because its May-1.Just suggestion avoid travel these places during public holiday.

We reached Tanjore around 12.00am got a stay near to bustand RS Lodging (Click Here for Map) this place is very affordable price.

Day 4

Perudaiyar Temple/ Bradeeshwar Temple : The real name of this temple is perudaiyar alayam was constructed by Raja Raja Cholan .It is a part of Great Living Chola temple world heritage site by UNESCO.In my lifetime i visited this temple at very first time.I have to wrote separate blog of this Great Living Chola Temple.i literally stop taking pictures and started to listen the temple history by my friend.

Perudaiyar Aalyam,Tanjavur

Airavatesvara Temple : This temple is located in city of kumbakonam.It is also part of great living chola temple.This temple is small in height but it has lot of statues compared to Tanjore temples.

Day 5

We reached Chennai in my room at 1.00am on May-3 and completed 1600kms bike trip.

We really had a great bike trip with majestic experience."We traveled with Bike Gears(Helmet,Gloves,Knee Pad and Oil Lubricants)".I suggest don't ride bike without gears.

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