3rd Jun 2014

Kerala is known as God’s own country and yet the beauty of the place explains this very appropriately. Kerala, apart from beauty also has a historic background. There are several myths about the origin of Kerala. One such myth is the creation of Kerala by Parasurama, a warrior sage. According to a legend, Parasurama, an avatar of Mahavishnu, threw his battle axe into the sea.

Kerala is famous for its numerous places of worship that hold year-round festival and celebrations. Each district in the state has important pilgrim centres that are visited by devotees all through the year. Of these the most famous pilgrim centre is the Shabarimala temple in Patanamthitta district. Mandalapooja (during November) and Makaravilakku (during January) are the two main events of the pilgrim season. Another famous temple is Sree Padmanambhaswami temple which has an idol of Lord Vishnu which is about 10 feet long. The temple is visited by devotees from all regions.

Kerala well known for its backwaters, every year has vellamkalli, snake boat race at the time of their harvest festival, Onam. All the people around get together and celebrate this festival with full joy and excitement. The story of Onam has a jealousy as its backdrop. The reign of King Mahabali was said to be so impressive that even the Gods grew envious. They plotted and finally Vishnu took on the alias of Vamana and tricked the revered ruler into the netherworlds. Fortunately, Vishnu allowed King to come back once a year to visit his beloved subjects and this homecoming is known as Onam. People wait all year for the festival and make pookkalams (flower carpets) and elaborate sadya (feasts) for the homecoming king Mahabali. The ten day long festival takes place every year in the month of Chingam (August-Semptember) and is celebrated by malayalees all around the country.

Amazing place, weather and people. Unity in diversity.