Beautiful Yelagiri 


Yelagiri is a secluded hill station in Tamil Nadu. It is about 230 kilometers from Chennai and 180 kilometers from Bangalore. The location of the town makes it a hot getaway spot. 

Photo of Beautiful Yelagiri  1/2 by Manghala Priyah
Punganoor lake pc: Ashwin Kumar 

 Yelagiri is a small and clean town with a small populace and a few hotels and resorts. The weather in Yelagiri is amazing. It is a perfect summer vacation spot. 

The Punganoor Lake Park is the star attraction of Yelagiri. This park houses a variety of flora. Tourists often engage in a boat ride in the Punganoor Lake. 

The Nature Park is another famous park in this region. It has an artificial waterfall. The famous dancing fountain show is a crowd puller. Kids and adults enjoy the show alike. There is an aquarium in this park. A variety of fishes and turtles are bred here. 

The Swamimalai hill trek is a popular trek in Yelagiri. The view point offers a stunning perspective of the whole area. The Government herbal farm in this town is home to a number of plants with medicinal properties. This farm is maintained by the Forest Department. 

Photo of Beautiful Yelagiri  2/2 by Manghala Priyah
Nature park pc: Ashwin Kumar