My Thailand Dairy

13th Oct 2019

At the morning we started for phi phi cruse it takes some 2 hour. After reaching at phi phi Island we went for hotel (phi cozy beach resort) slightly on interior. But the hotel view is very nice. And 5 minutes walk from Ibiza pool party.
One important point is Thier have no local transportation in PhiPhi island. so, your have to carry your lugges own. As lugges carrier van charges 200 TB.
At afternoon after doing a light lunch we go for island tour of PhiPhi which including famous monkey Island, Maya be. Sunset on Andaman sea etc. It's a wonderful ride in Famous Long tail Boat.
As we face rough weather on sea we got chance to snorkeling at Maya bey for more then a hour. And due to cloud can't see sunset but witnessed a wonderful dayend at phi phi bay.

Reach Phuket airport from Kolkata via Bangkok through Thai Air flight. On arrival visa done on Swarnabhumi airport. Then from Phuket airport go to Hotel Hallo Patong. And after doing some small lunch take a rest. Because cannot sleep well at flight. For the next couple of days a lengthy journey have to do.
After a rest going to most famous Bangla Road. Uff ! Best walking street I walking so far. People r enjoy at Bar ladies r on the street want to offer you everything. Street food of Bangla road maximum are grilled.

On the very next day we went for harbour and take ride for Krabi island. From phi phi to Krabi it almost take some 2 hr by cruise. then book a cab and started our journey towards the our resorts Diamond beach resort. It's far way from Aonanag but wonderful place at side with a wonderful sea facing pool. The place is quite cool & clam.
After checking the hotel we find the till now we can do 7 island we booked to 800 TB per person. And went for the tour and it is a wonderful experience. Because today also sea getting rough. But fortunately we complete our whole trip and at the end of the day we see fire show by your company.
I think you must remember every place in Krabi you have to pay National Park entry fee from 300-350 TB per person. Government  take money for maintenance of island.

It's our 2nd day at Krabi and we went for Hong Island tour. it's a wonderful journey as well as wonderful place to visit. Every on must visit the Hong island. By long Talia boat or by jet skey you can go their but my suggestion for Longtail boat.
After returning hotel we take a good lunch and take some rest and went for golden budhaa temple Krabi. And it's takes 1237 step to ride. At 5pm when we go their. We decided not to ride as because light get down and already it's 5pm and ask local people they it's almost take 4hr for up and down. So we skip it and going to Aonanag beach and spent the evening thier. Seeing the local market & try some local street food.

What about pattya the most happening destinations of the world. On the morning we went for Krabi airport and take flight for Bangkok and then a cab for ride to Pattaya. and we reach Pattaya at 3pm at Bonkai Resort it is a habby journey so set for a light lunch and decide to take a rest. And at evening we went for the Famous walking street & Pattaya harbour.
Walking street is a nice place for party guys.

By this relaxing way our 1st day of pattya ended.

After a breakfast we went for Sentuary of Truth a Hindu temple And it's a wonderful tourist attractions of Pattaya. Bank of  Andaman Sea the structure made of wood.
Generally pattya weather is not as present as Krabi or PhiPhi.
And the evening we reserve for the Famous Alcazar Show. 1 hour full on entertainment.

After a Pattya night out ultimately we reach at Bangkok on the way to Bangkok we visit the Tiger park, Pattaya.
After a 150 minutes journey to Bangkok we ultimately reach at our hotel Byoke Sky Hotel.
I think the best & tallest hotel at Bangkok city.

The evening we spent by trying local street foods & visting the street market.

The second day of pattya we keep for Safari world but some how we need to drop the plan and spent the evening at pool of the Byoke. As well as we visit the Rooftop 360 digree revolving view of Bangkok city.

Evening we went for shopping at local market as well as Indira market and famous brand store Watson.

We are at the end of our journey towards home. As per our presiviously planned first we check out from Byoke Sky Hotel. And went for famous floating market Bangkok.
But after seen the floating market we are thoroughly disappointed the canel is totally man made and it seems the water keep their Artificially.
From floating market we visit the sleeping budhha. Most of The structure of the temple are oriented by coin.
Personally I recommend don't go for floating market it's just wastages of money
From the place we went for Suvarnabhumi Airport.

By this way we end our Thailand journey.