The best beaches in Phuket


Phuket, an enchanting rainforest island in the Andaman Sea has some of Thailand's best beaches, most especially located on the western coast. The island is home to several high-class hotels, upscale seaside resorts and world-class restaurants. Phuket City, the island's capital, also has busy streets and old shophouses. Patong, the largest tourist destination area, has several bars, nightclubs and discos. The town has a wide selection of cheap Phuket hotels and cheap Phuket attractions. All visitors are recommended to hire a car when travelling around Phuket.

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Thailand's premier seaside destination lies on the east coast. Phuket's east coast is a great place for families with large number of Phuket villa and bungalows. The best area to visit is around the famous Patong Beach. Most of the resorts here are a few hundred meters from the beach. However, the access to the beach is only possible by boat or motorbike.

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The islands of Phuket are made of sandy beaches which offer a pleasant environment to spend your vacations. The best places to visit here are Phuket town and the beaches surrounding it. Phuket offers a wide variety of beaches for tourists to choose from, including the ones located on the bay of Phuket. The two most popular and well known beaches in Phuket are Patong Beach and Koh Panyee. These two beaches have become very famous in Phuket as they are ideal for swimming, surfing, and other water sports.

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Freedom beach is situated on the northern side of Phuket. This is where tourists come to enjoy the peaceful environment. Freedom beach has a lot of restaurants and bars as well as a pier and a very popular attraction among tourists. The Freedom beach is separated into several sections with small cafes, shacks, and shops selling local items. It is the perfect place to just relax and enjoy the sun without worrying about the local people or the Thai army.

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On the other hand, there is long-tail beach in Phuket that provides a good opportunity for long-tailers to visit Phuket. The long-tailers can easily reach Patong Beach from here. Long-tailers usually travel along the northbound lane of the Thailand highway. Most often than not, you will find many tourists enjoying the charm of Patong Beach by the long-tail. This is one of the best beaches in Phuket where you can swim anytime of the day.

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Some of the other popular beaches in Phuket include Bang Tao, Nathon, Hua Thanon Beach, and Koh Ma. These beaches are perfect for families and for couples alike. Many tourists love to spend their time at these beaches and explore their unique beauty and culture. Indeed, Phuket has the best beaches for your vacation and you should head to Phuket once and visit all the beaches once.

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