A Glimpse Of 'Tsechu' To Prove That It's The Most Colorful Festival On Earth


Ahh! You thought 'Holi' is the most colorful festival, didn't you?

Colors explode and diffuse randomly. From the dazzling costumes and masks of the dancers, to the outlandish headgears and quirky clothes, from the rich brocaded 'kira' and 'gho' (traditional costumes of Bhutanese women and men respectively) to the breathtaking view of the surrounding Himalayas - there is psychedelia popping up everywhere.

While the world still goes mad for Brazil's Carnival, or Spain's Tomatina, or France's Mardi Gras - the tiny Himalayan kingdom steadfastly remains a Xanadu, clutching on to its traditions.

Bhutan's Tsechu Festival is held in each district or 'dzongkhag' of Bhutan on the 10th day of a month of the lunar Tibetan calendar. The month depends on the place.

Tshechu is a religious festival of the Drukpa Lineage of the Kagyu School of Tibetan Buddhism.

Tsechu Festival is held in honor of Guru Padmasambava - 'one who was born from a Lotus flower', popularly known as 'Guru Rinpoche', the Precious Teacher. The Bhutanese consider him as 'Second Budhdha'.

Here's a glimpse of Thimphu Tsechu 2016, and let me assure you - it's even more spectacular than it seems to be!