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DAY 3 : Keylong :Early morning, we left for Keylong which was our first checkpoint (around 122 km), hoping to reach up their before dark we left early from Manali. Unfortunately, due to some bike issue we had to get back at Manali from the way for bike exchange which took us long, we got quiet late that day and after a serious discussion we all decided to move from Manali at 6PM in the evening.Obviously this sounds like a dumbest move one can ever make after discussion but relatively we were running out of money as we had hired the bikes already and had to pay for hotel too in case we have stayed back at Manali. Moreover, I was the one indulged in convincing all to move ahead as being very sure about the fact that when we are leaving for nowhere it makes no sense to think of factors that can happen ahead in journey. Later that day we got lost in dark deep night, our headlights fell short of enlightening us ahead.We stopped by a Dhaba in Marhi for dinner and fortunately met few a guys who were traveling by car, following them throughout journey, the car lights helped us to cover the road.Ahead, post Rohtang Pass, the roads were burried deep under the sludge(keechad), which made it real difficult for us to cross in such poor light and dark. It was so difficult and risky that it took us 12 hours to cover a distance of 122 Kms and we reached Keylong at 6AM in morning.

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