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After breakfast we head up along a 4×4 track to the first stop at 130m, in the distance we see the kites lagoon and right across the island from the beautiful, mountainous south west side to the flatter north, with the national park in the distance. ‘Don’t stretch your muscles beforehand… ‘says Yan, echoing the advice of Stephen Price. ‘ This damages muscle fibres.’ Yan is about to run the Ultra Marathon the ‘Grand Raid’ on the nearby island of La Reunion, with 162 km to cover and 9643m of elevation gain, so I listened… ‘You can only digest so much carbohydrate, so I no longer eat sweet stuff – I have 160g of cheese in the morning, with a little bread and oil, then drink for the following hour. During a race I only have protein bars, in small quantities, and soup during the race for salt. The night before, its fish and vegetables- I don’t believe in carb loading….and I only run on water, all sports drinks are too sweet.’ I believe day to day the body is designed to digest fat in the morning and there are only two hours in the afternoon it can digest sweet stuff, then at night fish, and sea food, no red meat in the evening, only at lunch time when I have 200g of red meat, 500g of carbs in afternoon or 300g if I’m not training. Then twice a week you can have a ‘gala meal’- anything you want plus booze, but no frequent drinking.’ Trail running is popular on Mauritius and Yan is trying to promote it. There is a calendar of events, including the Dodo trail in July, the – Royal Raid 35-80Kms Mauritius Mountain Run on the 11 May and the Mauritius Marathon 14 July 2013 and the terrain of the island here certainly lends itself to trail running. At 335m we get to the single track and can see the Black River peak which the Dodo trail goes through. Yan tells to us about the flora and fauna; there are rare species here such as the Trochetia here: the traditional flower of Mauritius. There are also stags, which are hunted

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Best time to visit Le Morne is from July to April
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