10 things to be taken care before and during a long motorcycle ride !

Photo of 10 things to be taken care before and during a long motorcycle ride ! by Arun K C

1. Needless to say the first and foremost things you should carry are the proper documents of your bike which includes the copy of : Registration Certificate,valid insurance Certificate ,Pollution Certificate (Advisable for bikes younger than a year old) and last but not the least Driving License.

Note : Please carry a soft copy of all these documents as well.

2.No need to remind any rider of his riding gears.But please do test the comfort and size of your gears prior to the ride if the gears are brand new.Because a brand new helmet of your size may feel slightly tighter but it gets comfortable on the course same with the case of gloves.Make sure your long ride is not the first time you test or try all your gears.

3.Give servicing of your bike well in advance and so that you can avoid last minute service glitches like the adjustment of the clutch and other mechanical/electrical issues which you may face during the ride as an after effect of servicing.

4.During the route planning make sure you break every single day's journey into several stops based on major junctions and diversions on that route.That will help you understand the route better also helps avoiding taking a wrong turns thus saving time.

5.Once you start the ride you are bound to ask the route to some of the locals though you have latest navigation system with you.One thing to be taken care is that never ask the route to the final destination of that day's journey because there could be multiple routes to the same destination. One will be short but who knows the road condition or the other may a straight highway but who knows you would not miss the view point which you planned.Same with the navigation maps[Maps Me offline maps recommended], never put the destination which is 400km ahead instead put the nearest junction in the next 50 to 100kms.Your detailed route planning comes into picture here.

6.Start your ride before the sun rises which gives you a positive start for the day and you can cover more distance before the upcoming traffic.

7.Fill your petrol tanks to the full at the end of the day because most of the petrol bunks open only after 7am or 8am in the morning that will delay your early start if you have less fuel on your bike after yesterday's long ride.

8.When you are in group of 4 0r 5 always follow the order ,decide who goes first ,who goes in the middle and who goes last .This will help you keep track if somebody lag behind or lost their track within the team.

9.Fill Nitrogen on the tyres that will help retain the tyre pressure for longer days and also it has an added advantage of reducing the probability of getting a puncture due to the overheating of the tyres.

10. There would be squid bikers who would provoke you for a race.Keep your ego aside and keep your pace because we are not here to race and a rider always rides responsibly.