16 things I have learned from my Adventure Assignments


1. Past travelling or adventure bio-data of the clients is of great importance to access their suitability and capability. Unsuitable client might bring misfortune to the entire group.

2. Concern with the age and fitness factors.

3. Advise the clients to check weather forecast for the scheduled tour and to prepare themselves accordingly.

4. Recommend only most needed trekking gears to be carried; otherwise sometimes people carry all the stuffs they have, which leads to transit havoc.

5. Asked them to carry their own sleeping bags and mats, they might complain about the hygiene and quality factors for the bags and mats you provide. Or else, the clients might prefer to buy or hire from other supplying agencies on reaching the spots and you might be end up with carrying the weights for no use. Wastage of money, time, energy, and manpower.

6. Limit the weight up to maximum 3 kg that will be carried by your porters. Specify that above 3 kg of weight the clients need to hire individual porter for him.

7. Also make the clients aware that porters are human being, not a cargo carrier, they have their own limitations of carrying loads.

8. Explain clearly the jobs and duties of the porters in common to the entire team.

9. Educate with the fact that it will be stupidity if the clients ask for luxury stay and meal services during the adventure activity.

10. Remind them that they are in control of their own physical and mental risks during the schedule, not you. You only can guide and suggest.

11. If any kind of change is required ahead of the start, either from client’s or from your end, inform them with the consequence changes, modifications, alterations or cut of services etc; that might come out.

12. If possible don’t mix adventure and leisure.

13. Offer what exactly you promise, not a single iota in excess or less.

14. During execution keep the head above your heart, otherwise you will end up with mess.

15. If it is a hired vehicle you are using, then it is good to keep the same vehicle for the entire itinerary round the clock.

16. Give a proper presentation to the whole team how exactly you are going to execute the entire itinerary, about the unavoidable and uncontrollable circumstances that might arise, with the possible changes and the winding up of the itinerary. Show them the alternate plans like Plan A, Plan B etc for option, if any.

Photo of 16 things I have learned from my Adventure Assignments 1/2 by Dipmoina Dowarah
Photo of 16 things I have learned from my Adventure Assignments 2/2 by Dipmoina Dowarah